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Ranked: Who from MAFS Australia 2024 gained the most Instagram followers on the show

This is what they really came for

During MAFS Australia 2024 more than most seasons, people questioned if the cast signed up for the show just to get Instagram followers. And sorry to say, a lot of them probably did.

Not many of the marriages actually worked out, so at least they have a few hundred thousand fans on Insta to fall back on, and some fame off the back of the reality show. The cast this year didn’t exactly gain millions of new-found fans, but I’m sure they’ll be pleased as they kickstart their new, glam online lives.

Here is a ranking of the MAFS Australia 2024 cast members, by who has the most followers after the show has ended.

10. Jayden Eynaud – 125k

Jayden and Eden might have split now, but throughout the show they were the golden couple and there were even rumours they were in cahoots with the producers to get more air time. So, are we surprised he’s now got over 100k followers? We probably shouldn’t be.

9. Andrea Thompson – 128k

Andrea won our hearts during the show, and went through a lot with Richard. She might not have found love, but she is one of the MAFS Australia 2024 cast members with the most Instagram followers now, with 128k.

8. Cassandra Allen – 130k

Ah, Cass. She gave us so many ups and downs, smiles and heartbreaks with Tristan. She now has 130k on Instagram, and is still friends with loads of her fellow MAFS cast members.

7. Sara Mesa – 131k

Sara was at the centre of so much drama during MAFS, most notably her fiery arguments with Tim after she met up with her ex. Clearly loads of us want to keep up with her after the show, as she now has 131k followers.

6. Tori Adams – 135k

Jack and Tori were the most controversial couple of the show this year. Whilst hardly anyone has decided to go and follow Jack after the show (he has less than 100k), more have given Tori the follow to see what they’re up to. Yes, in case you missed it, Jack and Tori are still together!

5. Jade Pywell – 148k

Jade found love and followers from MAFS Australia 2024, isn’t she lucky? Despite breaking up after the reunion, she and Ridge are still together now, and she has 148k followers.

4. Timothy Smith – 179k

Timothy really did win this show in so many ways. He managed to still get cast despite being a multi-million dollar drug smuggler (still not over that), and when his marriage with Lucinda didn’t work out, they still stayed friends. He gave us absolutely loads of drama, and came out with loads of followers! Not a bad few months for him!

3. Eden Harper – 222k

Since the show ended, Eden has signed to an agency, so clearly has the influencer lifestyle in her eye-line. She was a micro influencer before MAFS Australia, with just under 10k followers, and now she has over 200k.

2. Lauren Dunn – 230k

Lauren became an icon on the show, so second is a respectable place to end in the Instagram ranking, given how much we all love her. She now has 230k followers. Plus, she’s being lined up by Channel Nine to have her own TV show!

1. Lucinda Light – 569k

Our queen Lucinda has over half a million followers, which is nothing short of what she deserves. She carried the entire experiment on her back, and now she is seeing the rewards. I truly love this for her.

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