Who from MAFS Australia 2024 is still friends

So after all the drama, who from MAFS Australia 2024 is actually still mates?

Lucinda is a common feature, of course

Now MAFS Australia 2024 is over loads of the cast members are still fighting and beefing like they did around the dinner party table, but surprisingly some have actually remained friends through all the drama.

Loads of the cast have been hanging out since the experiment ended, and posting long gushy posts about how much they adore who they met from the show. Of course, Jack and Tori are nowhere to be seen, but our queen Lucinda sure as hell is acting as the glue keeping the group together.

Here is a rundown of everyone who has actually managed to stay friends since the MAFS Australia 2024 experiment ended.

Sara and Lauren

Lauren, Sara and Eden were besties right from the start of the show, but then there were reports of a full bride war as the girls became enemies after Eden revealed the cheating scandal between Sara and her ex. It seems as though Lauren and Sara are now besties since the show, and have left Eden behind.

They’ve been posting loads of pictures on Instagram of them hanging out together, as well as vibey and fun TikToks of their day to day activities as a pair. Both Sara and Lauren got a joint post-MAFS hair transformation together and the vibes are absolutely immaculate.

Timothy and Lucinda

Despite not being able to make their marriage work out, Timothy and Lucinda have struck up a friendship from the show. They have been hanging out loads, and have spoken in interviews about the special bond they now share. They have said they call each other daily, and will see one another at least once a week. Adorable!

Timothy and Lucinda recently spent some time together in Sydney with Lucinda describing him as a “divine spunk.” They also hang out with loads of their fellow MAFS cast members.

Timothy and Andrea

Andrea and Timothy have spent so much time together since meeting on the show, it was rumoured they were dating. They of course aren’t, they’ve confirmed they’re just really great friends. Andrea shared a clip of Timothy staying over at her house for a sleepover, whilst they watched the show back together.

Timothy and Lucinda and Tristan

They were a very unlikely duo, but after Timothy stood up for Tristan with what happened with Jack at the MAFS Australia 2024 retreat, they are still friends now. The matching hoodies Timothy bought them both were not in vain!

Timothy and Tristan have been hanging out recently, including going out for dinner together. On a lot of their outings Lucinda is there of course, being besties with them both.

Jade and Eden

We didn’t really see them get all that close on the show, but since it’s become clear that Jade and Eden are friends from the experiment. They’ve been posting some pictures together, calling one another their “favourites” and Jade has been posting about how much she loves hanging out with Eden’s adorable dog and bestie, Cub.

Timothy, Tim and Jono

A bit of a wild trio, but Timothy, Tim and Jono have been spotted having drinks on the Gold Coast together since the show. Sure!

Lucinda and Cass

Lucinda and Cassandra have posted pictures of them together since the show and honestly it’s so wholesome I could burst. In a truly adorable post about her friend, Lucinda said: “A moment to honour the exquisite beauty inside and out that is our divine Cassandra. Cass, how dare you be so gorgeous!

“You, my darling, are pure sunshine and I’m so proud to call you a friend. I’m inspired by your wonderful soul essence. Never stop being the classy, sassy, wisdom-keepin’ cool cat that you are! Your big heart and authenticity reverberates right across the lands. Love you so much.”

Jono and Ellie, Jayden and Eden

It looks like Jono and Ellie have a little couples’ friendship going on with Jayden and Eden, as they’ve been seen hanging out together at the beach since the show. The four of them were pictured playing around and swimming in the sea, and sunbathing having a catchup.

Eden and Cass

Eden and Cass are now besties after the show, posting Instas and TikToks together. “Certified lover girlies,” they called themselves in one post, where Cass shared heart emojis next to Eden’s name.

Eden and Lucinda

I think everyone is still friends with Lucinda, because to be honest, how could you not be? One person she’s obviously had a huge impact on is Eden, who shared a bunch of photos of them together, and said: “We could all learn a thing or two from Lu… She is calm, thoughtful, warm, empathetic, and the kindest woman I have ever come across. Lu has been such an amazing support for me.”

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