A rundown of how I survived 24 hours in Bournemouth Uni library during deadline season

Procrastination or productivity? I’ll let you decide

As the second term winds down and the weather warms up, it’s deadline season looming ahead. But before we can kick back with drinks on the beach, there’s the hurdle of assignments to overcome. Naturally, I wasn’t tackling this challenge solo. I enlisted two friends to join me, ensuring we could keep each other motivated. With our spirits high, we embarked on the task, eager to see just how much we could accomplish together.

9 am – Study session starts now

With our enthusiasm fuelling us, we kicked off the day with revision. Settling into our favourite spots in the booth seats, we remained fully focused. Our keyboards clicked away as we delved into our work, and I must say, we got off to a great start, putting in a solid couple of hours.

11 am – Snack attack  

We couldn’t resist a day without treating ourselves to Dylan’s. Opting for our usual order of a Margherita pizza paired with Coca-Cola, we made sure to fill our stomachs, hoping to refuel our energy and tackle more work ahead.

1 pm – Distractions begin

Obviously, as the academic weapons we were, we felt like encouraged to represent the university and had made a brief stop at the student shop to make some purchases.

3 pm – Back to the grind

After a number of distractions, we’re refocusing and diving back into our work, determined to put in the effort.

11 pm – Nap time tales

After putting in a hard day’s work, it was clear that we deserved a nap. Our aim was simple: To recharge and gather the energy needed for another round of revision throughout the night.

2 am – Revision breakdown

Did our nap provide the energy boost we needed, or did we begin to lose touch with reality? With a willpower to complete our revision, we devised a serious game plan to squeeze out every last ounce of energy we had.

4 am – Apocalypse vibes

I’ve never witnessed the library this deserted before; it had an eerie atmosphere. Actually quite creepy to be honest! To our surprise, we noticed a few scattered zombie students here and there, still typing away.

6:30 am – Heading home 

Continuously refreshing the bus app, we aimed to catch the earliest available bus, leaving at 6:30am in the morning.

Challenge completed, but at what cost? We lost our sanity, but we completed a considerable amount of work. Was the library session really worth it? Find out for yourself.

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