Roses are officially red as Lancaster wins third consecutive tournament

Lancaster won Roses 2024 by the end of day two

It’s official, for a third year running, roses are red. Last night, at the end of the second day of fixtures, Lancaster crossed the threshold of points required to be crowned the winner of Roses 2024.

As of Sunday morning, the final day of the tournament, Lancaster are currently leading 179.5 points to York’s 103.5, crossing the 172.5 threshold required to win.

This is the third year that roses have been red, with Lancaster winning all tournaments since the Covid pandemic.


Though York had an early lead in the pre-event fixtures, the overall scores went back and forth between the two unis throughout Friday. Lancaster took the lead by the end of the first day, sealing the deal with a win in the opening ceremony volleyball fixture, beating York 3-0.

Saturday saw Lancaster continue to increase their lead, edging closer to the 172.5 required to win. They officially crossed this line at 10pm last night, having won four points in the Open 1st Darts.

Lancaster painted York’s campus red last year, bringing the overall scores since the beginning of the tournament to 28 wins each. Lancaster have now won three tournaments in a row for the first time since 1986, with the last time either uni achieved this being when York did so in 2009.

There’s still a full day of fixtures, and if you’re in York you can tune in on 

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