Met Gala random celebs

A rundown of the most random celebs who managed to get invited to the Met Gala

Hopefully Lea Michele was able to read her invite

The Met Gala is the biggest night of the fashion world, and celebs wise it’s always a who’s who of everyone relevant. There were a lot of first timers at the Met Gala this year, but there were a lot of random celebs who managed to get an invite that have you scratching your head wondering how they managed it. Here’s a rundown of the most random celebs at the Met Gala, for whatever varying reason.

Keeley Hawes

Fresh off the back of Scoop on Netflix, the grand high queen of British ITV dramas Keeley Hawes was at the Met Gala last night. Love her. Someone said on Twitter she looked like a teacher making a bit of effort for a school disco – erm… the disrespect to someone who has voiced Lara Croft. I won’t have it.

Lea Michele

Rachel Berry herself is definitely one of the most random celebs to bag a Met Gala invite, but she slayed it it must be said. Vulture tweeted out “actress, singer, and occasional nuisance Lea Michele is 1. pregnant 2. at the met gala 3. smizing” which very much made me chuckle.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora is to celeb culture what cockroaches are to a nuclear apocalypse: She will always be omnipresent. She literally gets invited everywhere. She did nail it with her husband Taika Waititi, though – and came out with the brilliant line about how her dress is older than anyone alive on the planet because it has stones from BC. A genius.

Ed Sheeran

Not really known for his fashions: So who is inviting him? He’s not even on album cycle right now! As far as Ed Sheeran looks go, though – this one actually isn’t too bad. Fair play, pal.

Kylie Minogue

Not really random in a bad sense that mother Minogue is present, but more so the fact that it’s random that 10 years since her last Met Gala appearance and with a Padam Padam shaped Grammy in her life, Kylie is once again making US waves. She’s never been as famous there like she is in the UK – it’s so rogue but amazing to see her get her flowers.

Demi Lovato

A rogue one here because Demi said she’s never return to the Met Gala. Eight years ago, when she had a terrible experience attending, Demi said she would never come back. Happy that she’s got through it and is back, but it was surprising to see she was coming back when she referred to the event as cliquey previously.

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