Taylor Swift Lana Del Rey fallen out

All the evidence people think Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift have fallen out after the Met Gala

Uh oh

Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey have been really close friends for the past few years, with the two collaborating on Taylor’s album Midnights and praising each other at awards shows – but recently, people have started to believe the two have fallen out which has only had fuel added to the fire after last night’s Met Gala. Here are all the signs and everything that’s happened that has people thinking Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey have fallen out.

Rumours that Taylor is unhappy Lana Del Rey is friends with Kim Kardashian

On Taylor’s new album The Tortured Poets Department, there was a ‘diss track’ thinly veiled as thanK you aIMee – which most people have interpreted to be directed at Kim. Lana and Kim however are friends, with Lana recently doing a campaign for Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS shapewear fashion line.


Last night, the two were hanging out at the Met Gala.

Lana replied shadily when asked about her favourite TTPD song

When asked her favourite song on Taylor’s new album The Tortured Poets Department, Lana replied saying “Uhh, Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me. Whatever that title was.” Some Taylor fans deemed this as rude and dismissive of the album.

Taylor didn’t watch Lana at Coachella

Previous tea on whether Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey had fallen out was sparked when Taylor didn’t watch Lana perform her headline slot at Coachella a few weeks back. She did however watch Jack Antonoff and Ice Spice, her other collaborators and friends.

Whilst Twitter / X is filled with rumours about the alleged friction between the two, a sentiment I personally echo is that why on earth are interviewers asking Lana at the Met Gala about Taylor Swift anyway – she’s an interesting enough artist in her own right with an album out this year. Surely those are more interesting than trying to shoehorn Taylor into everything.

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