Baby Reindeer psychiatrist

Baby Reindeer: A forensic psychiatrist explains why Donny was such ‘easy prey’ for Martha

‘Donny seems to be unusually self-absorbed’

The aftermath of Baby Reindeer has been absolutely chaotic. The real Martha from the show has now spoken out and shared her real identity, saying she wants to share her side of the story.

Since then, an expert criminologist David Wilson revealed why she decided to out herself and claimed it was because “a part of her still wants to be attached to him”.

But now a forensic psychiatrist specialising in stalking cases has shared his analysis of the show and explained that Donny was “easy prey for Martha”.

Dr Sohom Das is a forensic psychiatrist who specialises in criminal cases like stalking as well as rehabilitating mentally ill offenders. Writing in The Mail, he said: “As I watched the seven-part series, in the light of my own experience as a forensic psychiatrist who has given evidence in numerous stalking cases, the facts [of Baby Reindeer] seemed both stunningly convincing and frighteningly recognisable.”

Baby Reindeer psychiatrist

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He then went on to share why Donny was such “easy prey” for Martha. He said: “Donny seems to be unusually self-absorbed. But as the story progresses, he is honest and open about how his own behaviour stoked his stalker’s obsession. We gradually come to understand why he is so susceptible to the relentless attention directed at him by the dangerously deluded Martha.

“It emerges that, as a struggling comedian on the stand-up circuit, he had been befriended by a much older man — a powerful TV writer and director — who had led him to believe that he could help his career. But after an evening of drink and drugs at the man’s London flat, Donny passes out and is raped.

He adds: “So it’s a damaged and fragile person that Martha meets in episode one. He gives her free drinks when she comes into the pub where he works, agrees to meet her at a cafe and exchanges messages with her.

“When she cuts off contact after being given a talking to by the police about her harassment of him, he misses her attention so much that he begins to obsess over her, too.”

“That doesn’t mean stalking victims are complicit in their own persecution,” he assured.  “Far from it. Most have done nothing to invite or sustain the unwanted attention.

He finished: “Viewers of Baby Reindeer may feel that Donny also exacerbated Martha’s behaviour by reacting to it. But the reality is that ignoring a stalker will only work in some cases. If the obsession is triggered by rejection, such as a romantic break-up, a complete absence of attention or reaction sends a strong signal and might well work.”

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