Wednesday series two cast

From Thandiwe Newton to Billie Piper: Meet the iconic new cast for Wednesday series two

Joanna Lumley… I’m shaking

Today Netflix has finally lifted the spooky lid on what we can expect to see from Wednesday series two, as the mega hit from Tim Burton goes into production. There’s loads of exciting stuff ahead, but none more so than the rundown of all the new cast members joining Wednesday series two, and Netflix has spared no expense because the lineup is nothing short of iconic. Here’s everyone new in the mix and who they’ll be playing!

Billie Piper, Thandiwe Newton and JOANNA LUMLEY

Coming straight in out the gate not just as guest stars but as series regulars in series two of Wednesday, Steve Buscemi is first up joining the cast as a character known as Barry Dort. He’s most well known for Boardwalk Empire and The Big Lebowski. I personally am losing my mind about Billie Piper joining the main cast as Capri – fresh off the back of her acclaimed turn in Netflix’s Scoop but who will always be Rose Tyler from Doctor Who to me.

In the guest stars spot we’re going to see the legendary Thandiwe Newton (who was literally amazing in Westworld, and also Line of Duty), Haley Joel Osment from The Sixth Sense and JOANNA LUMLEY, fresh from Fool Me Once and of course Absolutely Fabulous.

What an insane cast of amazing actors – Wednesday was already full of amazing performers and Catherine Zeta-Jones will be back as Morticia in season two but now the cast is well and truly stacked. I need it now.

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