Yikes, Love Is Blind’s Jeramey and Sarah-Ann have already split up?!

They announced they were together at the season six reunion

Despite only announcing they were together at the Love Is Blind season six reunion just over a month ago, it looks as though Jeramey Lutinski and Sarah-Ann Bick have already split up.

After Jeramey was with Laura on the show, there were constant questions asked about his connection with Sarah-Ann. He famously met with Sarah-Ann and stayed up “chatting” to her in a parking lot until the early hours, and then of course they were seen riding off into the sunset together on jet skis at the cast bbq.

At the season six reunion, Jeramey and Sarah-Ann confirmed they were officially an item, and after mugging off Laura had decided to give things a go. They said they had been dating for a year, and were living together. “I’m sitting next to someone now I love with all my heart. In my pursuit of love, hearts got broken,” Sarah-Ann said on the show.

Jeramey Lutinski and Sarah-Ann Bick on Love Is Blind

via Netflix

However it seems all the heartbreak was in vain, because everything is pointing at their relationship being over. Jeramey has been spotted on dating site Bumble, and it’s been noted he has completely wiped all trace of Sarah-Ann from his Instagram page.

Sarah-Ann still has pictures of them together up on her feed, but both she and Jeramey have unfollowed one another. It’s not looking good!

Speaking of his experience on the show, Jeramey said: “I’m massively grateful for the overall experience of LIB. Got to meet some amazing people, work with great crews and overall experience a truly unique experience. Thank you for the support and the criticisms alike. I mean it. Seeing things from a third person perspective is a strange and humbling experience all at once. I’m looking forward to improvement and growth that comes from an experience like this.”

Neither Jeramey or Sarah-Ann have confirmed any split rumours.

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