Seven of the best Too Good To Go hotspots in Exeter to help you save money as a student

Saving the planet and great food at a discount, what’s not to like?

Firstly, what is Too Good To Go? Well, it’s an app that launched in 2015 intending to reduce food waste. It does this by partnering with businesses to offer unsold food at heavily discounted prices (as little as £2!) – a step up from Tesco’s reduced section and great for the student budget. Sounds great right? Well, there’s another aspect, it’s all a complete surprise, and with risk comes great rewards, well most of the time, but that’s all part of the fun. Being the discount tycoon that I am, I have been using Too Good to Go for the past year, therefore I reckon I’ve got a good grasp on some of the best places to get a bargain in Exeter.

1. Forum Starbucks: £4

Starting with a banger, and a very accessible location, the Starbucks in the Forum offers daily Too Good to Go bags. This is music to the ears of us who can’t justify spending £6 on a panini, Too Good To Go provides you a foray into experiencing the luxury of Starbucks at an affordable price. However, I must warn you that someone, or a group of people, are so passionate about this specific Too Good To Go location that it sells out every single day. Get on the app at around 5:30pm and you might have a chance to secure the deal. Wishing you the best of luck with this one.

2. Morrisons: £3.09

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Although this spot isn’t the classic restaurant type, Morrisons surprise bags pop up on the app pretty sporadically so if you see It, I recommend giving it a go if you are low on your food shopping for the week. These bags usually contain all the shopping essentials at only £3, albeit with yesterday’s best before date on. Saying that, it did save me a tenner on my weekly shop and inspire me to test my cooking abilities by using some new ingredients in my weekly meal prep.

3. The Undergrad: £4

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An Exeter student favourite, The Undergrad café offers Too Good To Go bags almost daily. If you want the luxuries of café food in the comfort of your own home whilst tackling the food waste crisis, this is your spot! You can even save it for the next morning and have a bougie breakfast.

4. Pious Sushi and Bubble Tea: £4.30

As as you are not picky about your fish choices, Pious Sushi offers surprise bags every few days for pick up around 10pm, so if you are on your way to TP and fancy some scran at a steal of a price, or you are a simply a night owl this is a great place to find a bargain and some great food. You can even drive straight to the door as it’s right by Boots on the High Street.

5. Artigiano’s: £3 to £5

With this bar mainly reserved for awkward first dates, Artigiano’s Too Good To Go bags offer delicious food without the stunted small talk, a very welcome development if you just want to enjoy your food without being surrounded by loved-up couples. Sadly, I haven’t had the joys of getting this bag, but from what I hear from my friends and the reviews on the app, it is certainly one to try out if you want some quality food at a student-friendly price.

6. Tortilla: £4

Tortilla is a welcome surprise in Too Good To Go Exeter, offering some of the finest burritos Exeter has to offer. If you love Mexican food, Tortilla offers surprise bags a few times a week, especially on the weekends that can satisfy a craving.

7. Cake or death: £5

Lastly, dessert. It’s a common experience to walk past bakeries and wonder what they do with all the cakes that don’t sell, well Too Good To Go is the answer for Cake by Death. Sweet treat heaven can truly be found when picking up a Too Good To Go bag from here, whether you just need a pick me up or a surprise for your housemates, it is made possible at a huge discount, as well as a positive environmental impact. I have only seen this on the app a few times so keep your eyes peeled for this one.

There are lots more restaurants and shops in Exeter that take part in the Too Good To Go scheme, peruse the app to see what student-friendly bargains you can nab. What makes this app so special is that it is a great way to make an environmental difference and support businesses in Exeter, so I highly suggest trying it out if you are feeling adventurous one evening as it’s a great experience and a fun surprise, good luck.

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