MAFS Tahnee Ollie digs

MAFS Australia’s Tahnee and Ollie just threw more savage digs on socials after the split

‘It’s not my fault the situation makes you look bad’

They were the golden couple of MAFS Australia 2023, but after a messy breakup all is not well in the world of Tahnee and Ollie and NOW the two of them are making digs at each other on social media. It’s as savage as you’d expect – this once great relationship didn’t exactly end on good terms.

MAFS Australia 2023’s Tahnee and Ollie announced their breakup in December last year, and since then the digs have come thick and fast and it’s clear they haven’t split amicably. Last week, Tahnee levelled up the beef by posting a TikTok that everyone’s interpreted as a dig at Ollie.


♬ happierthanever – lyricissues

In a video with Happier Than Ever by Billie Eilish playing in the background, Tahnee is serving face with the caption “I actually didn’t talk shit about you. I just said what happened, and it’s not my fault the situation makes you look bad.”

In March, Tahnee posted an update on how things were with Ollie and she was equally direct, saying “No I don’t keep in contact,” she wrote. “I’ve been really hurt by the things he’s done and said about me, so I don’t feel the need to have any communication anymore. He’s free to say whatever and I’m just happy to sit with my truth. I’ve really found some peace in leaving things that aren’t for me behind.

“It’s been around five months now since we broke up and I think it’s time we put this to bed. I’ve worked really hard to move on from this and that chapter of my life is very much closed.”

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