MAFS Australia 2024 trivia quiz

Only a MAFS Australia 2024 addict can get full marks in this trivia quiz about the show

Challenge accepted!

MAFS Australia 2024 was a wild ride and now it’s finally over – so it’s the perfect time to take a look back on the rollercoaster it really was in the following trivia quiz.

The season this year gave us some truly incredible scandals, huge arguments, impeccable one liners and even a little bit of love and heartbreak along the way. But how well do you remember it all?

Do you remember who said what and about who? The ins and outs of every drama, all of Jack’s controversies, or every chaos moment and dinner party shenanigan? Or were you only half watching whilst also scrolling through your phone or looking at the memes about the carnage? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

In the trivia quiz below, you’ll be asked 10 questions all about what happened during MAFS Australia 2024 and some details about your fav cast members. If you get full marks (or nearly full marks, I’ll let you off one slip-up) then you can officially call yourself a Married at First Sight super fan. Anything less than that and you should probably go all the way to the start of the season and watch it *all* again. Good luck!

Take this trivia quiz to see if you really were addicted to MAFS Australia 2024:

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