Richard Gadd questioned

Richard Gadd questioned by Baby Reindeer producers after actress called him out on Twitter

After an investigation he was cleared of any misconduct

Richard Gadd was questioned and now cleared of allegations of misconduct following a thread posted on Twitter / X by an actress who called out his behaviour that she said left her feeling “hurt” after she auditioned for a role in Baby Reindeer whilst also going on dates with Gadd.

Reece Lyons posted a thread on Twitter / X where she said she was left feeling “hurt” after she says Gadd “Conflated a work opportunity with a dating dynamic.” Reece Lyons claimed that after she met Richard Gadd “He began to tell me about his upcoming Netflix show that he had written. The role in question was that of his ex-girlfriend, a trans woman. I told him I was interested in auditioning and asked him to get in touch with my agent.”

During the audition process, she says she then put things on pause romantically with Gadd but says he text her two weeks later to pick things back up. Reece Lyons then says she felt “conflicted” about it because she didn’t want their romance to affect her chances in securing the role.

As we now know, the role went to Nava Mau who had already become established in the industry thanks to her role in Generation on HBO – and Richard Gadd allegedly told Lyons that the producers wanted an “established” name to play Teri. Lyons then says Gadd told her in regards to their romantic dynamic “It’s not going to work. You’re too confrontational for me.” Lyons did not name Richard Gadd in her thread, but Gadd has since been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Lyons said she did not think she was the victim of any abuse, and the Baby Reindeer production company Clerkenwell Films investigated and came to the conclusion after he was questioned that Richard Gadd did not act inappropriately and that casting decisions were not affected. According to Deadline, the investigation was conducted without interviewing Lyons but Clerkenwell Films are still in touch with her agent.

The Tab has reached out to Richard Gadd and Netflix for comment.

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