Who’s roamed the halls of our humble abodes: Accommodations of famous Bristol Uni alumni

Rumour has it that one of James Blunt’s guitars is stashed away somewhere in Stokey B

If we deep how many people have lived in our first year rooms before us, it can definitely freak you out. However, what if a celebrity was one of them, brushing their teeth in the basin you’ve most definitely chunnied in after a night out. Bristol Uni has some very old accommodations that have (in most cases) stood the test of time, leading us to wonder who has banged their cutlery on the Wills dining table as they demanded more food.

Bristol Uni has produced some incredibly famous individuals, who note their time at UoB being influential in the projection of their career. From comedians to illusionists, we’ve had it all, and if you’ve ever wondered what their time at UoB was like, I’ve managed to find some insight into their uni life – starting with first year accommodations.

Will Poulter – Badock Hall

No wonder Will decided to drop out after living in Badock for a year (joking, slightly). Will said: “I always had an ambition to go to university and study drama.” It’s no wonder Bristol was where he ended up, with it being the first UK university to offer a degree in drama (shout out to Bristol’s drama department, I love you). Will definitely gives Stoke Bishop with his charm and good looks leaving girls heartbroken as he walked off the U1 without even noticing their presence. Unfortunately, Stoke Bishop couldn’t compete with Hollywood – blame The Maze Runner for his sudden exit.

David Walliams – Manor Hall

British icon David Walliams loves the city of Bristol – as seen in this extremely insightful tweet. He was a resident at Manor Hall, which makes complete sense as he is a certified Clifton boy. He would have loved being surrounded by fellow rah individuals and was lucky to have Matt Lucas just a second away. You’d see these two buffoons developing sketches on the Goldney grounds.

Matt Lucas – Goldney Hall

— Matt Lucas HQ (@RealMattLucas) December 24, 2013

Matt Lucas was 100 per cent a BNOC and thrived at Goldney. I can imagine Matt and David developing Little Britain and Come Fly With Me in these very rooms cackling away while annoying their flatmates. If you ran into Matt after having a long day at uni, you’d sigh as you’d be stuck listening to his newest comedy set for half an hour. He would have been a regular at The Room Above at The White Bear.

Julia Donaldson – Clifton Hill House

Julia Donaldson, one of the most influential authors in children’s literature, definitely got the idea for The Gruffalo from a warden at Clifton Hill House. She described her time at this accom as quite extreme in the fact that it was women-only and visitors weren’t allowed, only in very rare occasions. The strictness experienced at Clifton Hill House made her feel like she was still in school, that’s why she wrote children’s books.

James Blunt – Hiatt Baker

I don’t even want to think about James Blunt taking girls back on the U1 to Hiatt, staring into their eyes whilst playing guitar on the end of the bed singing “you’re beautiful, it’s true.” All jokes aside, James Blunt is a true icon, and his flatmates would have been blessed to have him playing guitar all night.

Emily Watson – Manor Hall

Actress, Emily Watson is another celebrity to be birthed out of Manor Hall. Starting out as a stage actress, I’m sure she was heavily involved in Bristol’s extensive theatre scene. As an english student and thespian, her room would have been covered with books and her flatemates would give each other looks when they could hear Emily practicing her latest Shakespearean role.

Derren Brown – Wills Hall