Book deals and becoming millionaires: The major career moves from the MAFS Australia cast

They really are cashing in on their fame

Now the experiment is over, we are watching the moves of the MAFS Australia 2024 cast like hawks, to see if they can each kick start a new and exciting career after their couple of months in the spotlight.

We all know by now that going on a reality TV show gives you a small but very lucrative window to use your fame and become a bigger known name – probably as an influencer or TV personality. The MAFS Australia 2024 cast saw this assignment and well and truly understood – they’ve been cashing in on their moment already, and have loads of things keeping them booked and busy.

Here are all the big career moves the cast of MAFS Australia 2024 have made since the show ended.

Lucinda has a dating advice service and book deal, is touring and is tipped to become a millionaire

It’s been reported that Lucinda is going to “make millions” from her MAFS fame, and places are literally fighting to get her to work with them. Am I surprised? No I am not.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, two major networks in Australia are in a “bidding war” over who can sign Lucinda up after MAFS and they both want her to have her own TV show. She’s apparently also had offers to publish her own spiritual guides and self help books.

According to a source, major podcast networks also want a slice of Lucinda, and are currently competing to sign her exclusively for her own show post-experiment, while several voiceover agencies are also interested in signing her as an audiobook narrator.

She has also launched her own subscription service, where over Zoom calls she can offer you dating and life advice. The subscription costs $27 (£13.96) per month and includes access to “Ask Lu” bimonthly live Zoom calls, a monthly publication of Lucinda’s thoughts and musings, giveaways and discounts on Lucinda Light merchandise as well as a resource page. Plus, she’s doing a UK tour! Sign me up!

Lauren is in talks for her own TV show

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A source said: “They know she’s a great talent. They want to keep her on their books and are looking at ways they can utilise her in the future, either on another reality show or a hosting or presenting gig.” Lauren currently runs a food Instagram account, and the source added Channel Nine wants to “trial her with some cooking-related content online” before “looking at bigger, long-term projects.”

She’s also apparently taking over an online video series, and will be “on our screens again in some capacity in the not-so-distant future.” I need this!

Loads of the girls have signed to influencer management agencies

It seems as though a lot of the MAFS girlies want to be follow the influencer route following the experiment. Eden was the first to sign to an influencer agency, and she was a micro-influencer before the show. Lauren has also signed to a talent agency, plus Tori, Jade and Lucinda all have management now.

Jack wants to continue with reality TV

MAFS Australia 2024 cast career moves after the show

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Jack’s not slowing down, as he’s already said which reality TV shows he’s eyeing up next. Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, the personal trainer said he hoped MAFS Australia wouldn’t be the end of his reality career, and spilled all on wanting to go on another show that would help his “personal growth”.

“I’d love to go on Survivor or maybe SAS or Hunted,” he said. “Anything that really challenges you physically and mentally where you’ve gotta question who you are and really dig deep and have that personal growth I think would be something amazing to do.”

Timothy has a book deal

In a shocking turn of events, after it was revealed he pulled the wool over Channel Nine’s eyes and was actually a multi-million dollar drug smuggler in a past life, Timothy has now been offered a book deal?!

“Tim has had several offers from major book publishing companies to tell his story and they want rights for everything from a TV series to film deal,’ an insider told Daily Mail. The source added Timothy has had an incredible amount of support, so much so that he is considering doing motivational talks to help people get their lives back on track.

Some of the cast members are using their fame to do club appearances

Sara Mesa, Tristan Black and Tim Calwell are all among the MAFS Australia cast members doing club appearances since the show. They’re apparently charging up to $2,500 a night, which must be a good pull, as despite breaking up, Sara and Tim have been doing the nights together.

Lucinda has also done a number of club appearances across Australia since the show wrapped. She’s been to venues in Darwin and Brisbane, and recently hosted a drag bottomless brunch where she did a meet and greet with fans.

Lucinda has been spotted meeting up with the I’m A Celeb host

It could be nothing, but it could be everything – this week Lucinda has been spotted having a business meeting with I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! host Julia Morris. It was clearly something of a serious chat, as Lucinda’s new manager and agent was also present.

Collins thinks of himself as some sort of TikTok influencer now


Who’s the MAFS Fan-Favourite?! #mafs #mafsaustralia #mafs2024 #collins #mafsau #fyp

♬ original sound – Collins

After everyone thought he was a paid actor on MAFS, Collins is now using his personality to host TikTok videos. Yes, really. In a bold move he’s been out asking members of the public questions about the show, including who they hated the most, and making TikToks from the results.

He’s a content creator!

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