Nava Mau Baby Reindeer attacked

Nava Mau’s opened up on how she prepared for Baby Reindeer scene where Teri’s attacked

‘We built up a structure that I was gonna get knocked over, so when I’m on the floor I can look at the pieces’

One of the most harrowing and upsetting scenes in the smash Netflix hit Baby Reindeer is when Martha attacked Donny’s girlfriend Teri, played by Nava Mau in the pub. Martha is violently abusive to Teru, and also transphobic. Actress Nava Mau who plays Teri in Baby reindeer has now opened up about how she prepared for such a scene, considering how hard it must be for a trans woman to have to go through that even when acting.

Speaking at the LA Baby Reindeer screening that happened this week when the cast had a Q&A after, Nava Mau was asked how she prepared for the scene where Teri gets attacked by Martha. “I got to create the emotional landscape of that scene here when working with an acting coach. And we really built that whole structure up that I was gonna get knocked over, so when I’m on the floor I can look at the pieces and I know what they all are.


Nava Mau on how she prepared for the scene (spoiler alert!) where she is attacked by Martha in the pub and what Jessica Gunning said to her in her trailer once it was all over. #navamau #babyreindeer

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“So it was the relationship with Donny, it was what Martha was actually saying. it was the public humiliation – which ties to the backstory of Teri’s family that I had to keep in my mind. I did the emotional work in LA, so that when I went to London I got to do the technical work.

“We actually met for the first time, me and Jessica, when we did the stunt training. And it was so much fun. It was like ‘nice to meet you, now she’s straddling me!’ That was the perfect way for us to meet because it allowed us to build trust, practice consent and just get really comfortable with each other so we could go as far as we needed to go.

“So we did. I’ve said this before, but I really remember so clearly in the makeup trailer after we finished and Jess came up to me and she said ‘I’m sorry’. I think we need that. We needed to go from start to finish.”

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