‘It was jokey banter’: The bombshell claims Fiona Harvey made in Piers Morgan interview

It was a lot to take in

Last night, Fiona Harvey was the guest on Piers Morgan Uncensored. In the last few days she has identified herself as the real life Martha from Baby Reindeer, the Netflix show in which Richard Gadd tells all of his stalking ordeal.

The interview went live on Piers Morgan’s YouTube channel and has already had four million views, making it his most watched episode to date. In it, Fiona Harvey picked apart her depiction in the Netflix show, and claimed most of what was said was untrue.

She made a number of claims of what she believes her relationship which Richard Gadd was like, as well as confirming some parts of the Netflix series as true. Here is a rundown of all the biggest claims Fiona Harvey made in her tell-all interview with Piers Morgan about Baby Reindeer.

Fiona Harvey in Piers Morgan interview about Baby Reindeer

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Fiona Harvey told Piers Morgan she didn’t send Richard Gadd all those emails

Arguably the biggest claim of them all was when Fiona said she didn’t send Richard Gadd all the emails the Netflix show says she did. One of the most shocking revelations in Baby Reindeer was that “Martha” sent 41,071 emails to “Donny”, as well as  106 pages of letters.

Fiona has now claimed she sent “less than 10” emails, 18 tweets and just one letter. She went as far of accusing Richard Gadd of forging her handwriting in any other letters he has claimed came from her. “I don’t think I sent him anything,” she said. “There may have been a couple of emails, jokey banter, but that is it.”

However, randomly in the interview Fiona did say: “Even if the email thing was true, the rest is not.” She also admitted to having six email addresses, and four mobile phones which she “used for different people.”

Fiona Harvey in Piers Morgan interview about Baby Reindeer

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The cup of tea scene wasn’t real

In the Netflix show, Richard Gadd portrayed that his stalking ordeal started when Fiona came into the pub he worked in crying, and he offered her a cup of tea.

During her interview with Piers Morgan, Fiona Harvey claimed this was completely untrue, and claimed the show started off on the basis of a lie. She instead claimed she had gone into the pub as a paying customer, and had a meal.

The ‘Baby Reindeer’ nickname was true

Fiona confirmed that the nickname “Baby Reindeer” that the Netflix series shows her giving Richard Gadd is true, but she claimed she only ever met him “two or three times”.

She said: “I had a toy reindeer and he’d shaved his head, that bit is true, and there were reindeers in the shops because it was Christmas time or something. It was a joke. So I have inadvertently penned the name of the show.”

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Fiona hasn’t watched the Netflix series, and thinks she’d ‘be sick’ if she did

In a previous interview, Fiona said she doesn’t have a Netflix account, so hasn’t watched Baby Reindeer. Now, doubling down on that in her chat with Piers Morgan, Fiona Harvey said: “I haven’t watched any of it. I think I’d be sick. It’s taken over enough of my life.

“I find it quite obscene. I’ve had a horrifying, misogynistic experience. Some of the death threats have been really terrible online. People phoning me up. You know, it’s been absolutely horrendous. I wouldn’t give credence to something like that. And it’s not really my kind of drama.”

She is ‘absolutely’ taking legal action against Netflix and is ‘horrified’ at what Richard Gadd has done

Fiona has previously said she is going to be suing Netflix over her depiction in Baby Reindeer, and she told Piers Morgan she “absolutely” still has plans to do this. “I will be taking legal action against Richard Gadd and Netflix,” she said during the interview. “We have instructed lawyers in part, but we want to explore all of the options out there. There are a number of people to sue.”

She said previously: “I have a claim against Netflix as this is being billed as part of a true story. There’s a fat actress that’s supposed to be me. I’m a highly competent lawyer. I’d have to do it myself. I’m very good. I have a photographic memory and can memorise huge files. I was top in my school at everything. People are probably saying I’m a mass murderer. This can’t continue. I will kick their asses.”

When asked by Piers Morgan if she had a message for Richard Gadd if he was watching, Fiona said: “Leave me alone, please. Get a life, get a proper job. I am horrified at what you’ve done.”

Fiona Harvey in Piers Morgan interview about Baby Reindeer

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Fiona Harvey told Piers Morgan she never spent time in jail

In the show, Martha is sent to jail, but the real Fiona Harvey told Piers Morgan she “is not a stalker” and has never spent time in prison. “It is completely untrue and very career damaging,” she said. “I want to rebut that. I’m not a stalker. It’s just complete nonsense.”

Watch the full interview between Fiona Harvey and Piers Morgan here:

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