Selling The OC cast members and their cosmetic surgery

All the Selling The OC cast members who have spent thousands on cosmetic surgery

They all look so perfect!

Cast members of shows like Selling The OC have more times than not had cosmetic surgery done in the past. I mean, the Selling Sunset girls literally throw Botox parties at The Oppenheim Group office, and go and get top ups on their lunch breaks.

However, the Selling The OC girls are much more tight-lipped about any work they’ve had done in the past. A few have opened up about procedures, whilst others have just let the rumour mill go wild, and never denied anything.

Here is a rundown of all the cast members from Selling The OC who are rumoured to have had cosmetic surgery over the years, and if they’ve ever said anything about it.

Kayla Cardona

It’s believed Kayla has had some lip filler in the past, and she has confirmed she has had veneers on her teeth. Before appearing on Selling The OC, Kayla was a body builder, so she’s changed her look and vibe up quite a lot!

Alexandra Jarvis

It’s been rumoured that Alexandra Jarvis may have had Botox in the past, but she has instead said she prefers non-invasive and more natural procedures to keep her looking youthful. “I’m a skincare and health nerd. As you may know, I am in my early 30s and I’ve never had Botox or filler,” she said in an Instagram Reel.

She then listed off that she has monthly treatments with her “trusted aesthetician” which include dermal infusion, cryogenic oxygen dome, radio-frequency treatments, micro-needling, and “other non-invasive treatments”.

Alexandra Rose

Alexandra Rose looks quite different in the most recent seasons, and viewers have spotted that her face looks a slightly different shape to how it has before. There is speculation Alexandra has had work done to her chin, but this has never been confirmed.

Alex Hall

People have speculated that Alex Hall has had a lip lift and boob job in the past. Her skin is absolutely perfect, and whilst she could just be extremely lucky, she may have also had some Botox to keep that look alive.

Alex has previously said on Instagram that she visits Snatched in Beverly Hills, which specialises in advanced facial aesthetics. Its services include micro-needling, facial injections, lasers and collagen threads.

Alexandra Harper

Alexandra looks pretty different in old pictures compared to her in the most recent season of Selling The OC. She again has never commented on plastic surgery rumours, but those rumours include talk of lip fillers.

Lisa Helou

Gio’s mum definitely looks as though she’s had work done in the past. It’s been rumoured she’s had a number of facial procedures, including Botox and various fillers. She doesn’t have any dark circles or wrinkles on her face, which has also sparked people to think she may have had a full face lift or fox eye lift.

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