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‘Simply not true’: Real Martha DENIES sending 41,000 emails in Piers Morgan interview

‘I didn’t write all the emails. I think he probably made them up himself’

Fiona Harvey, AKA the “real life” Martha from Baby Reindeer appeared in her first TV interview last night, on Piers Morgan’s show Uncensored. Promising to tell her side of the story, Fiona spoke to Piers for 50 minutes about her reaction to the show, determined to “set the record straight”.

But one of the key focuses in Baby Reindeer is that Martha sent 41,071 emails to Donny, as well as 106 pages of letters. Netflix has previously claimed that these were all real emails sent from the stalker.

But in last night’s interview, amongst other bombshells, Fiona claimed that none of this was in fact true and sais she sent “less than 10” emails, 18 tweets and just one letter overall.

“I think he probably made them up himself,” Fiona alleged, instead suggesting she sent him just “a handful”. When pressed by Piers for more specific numbers, she said she sent him “less than 10 emails”.

“That’s simply not true,” she said addressing the emails.  “If somebody was sending somebody 41,000 emails or something they’d be doing how many a day? Lots. Absolutely not.”

She added: “I didn’t write all the emails. I think he probably made them up himself, I have no idea. 41,000 emails!”

Fiona added that she would be happy to look at her computer to confirm that she did not send the emails.

As well as this, Fiona claimed that she only sent Richard Gadd one letter and the others must have been forged as well as denying sending any voicemails and claiming she must have been recorded whilst in the pub.

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