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The best episodes of Hacks ever, according to IMDb

I will follow Deborah and Ava to the ends of the earth

I have binged Hacks after being recommended it by everyone whose opinion I value this last weekend, and it proved to be an amazing decision on my part. The rumours are true: This show is fucking great. I dunno how I let it pass me by the last few years, because I laughed, I cried and I cherished. But what are the best episodes of Hacks? Here’s a rundown of the top seven episodes of Hacks, the best according to their score on IMDb.

Not including any series three episodes, which is currently airing – these are still low on ratings and their score will continue to change over the next few weeks. 

7. Falling (Series one) – 8.4

Horrified to see this one not in the top three, because it’s probably my favourite episode of Hacks! Glad it made it into the upper echelons, though. This series one episode sees Ava meet a man in the casino of the Vegas hotel she’s living at and the two of them go on a crazy binge through the city that ends in such a gobsmacking way. For most of this episode, it’s one of the best romcoms I’ve ever seen.

6. The Click (Series 2) – 8.5

This girls night out episode is most notable for Deborah pulling a very fit younger man and having a one night stand with him, which helps something click for her standup routine that she adapts and then starts getting a good reception for. Great episode for the girlies.

5. 1.69 Million (Series one) – 8.5

Definitely one of the best episodes of Hacks – Deborah performs at a legendary nightclub and then when she witnesses a male comedian harass one of the females on the roster she absolutely annihilates him and offers him the titular 1.69 million to never appear in a comedy club or on a stage again. She then tries to run over her sister in her car. Wow.

4. Quid Pro Quo (Series two) – 8.6

Hacks best episodes

The tour life begins – and the looming email that Ava sent revelation hangs over the episode as Jimmy tries to fix things for Ava. The best bit of course is when Deborah finds out what Ava did and then promptly begins smashing up the shop. “I’LL BUY WHAT I BREAK.”

3. New Eyes (Series one) – 8.7

A really great episode that sees Deborah recovering from surgery and Ava joining her and the two getting high together, bonding and just vibing really. I love it. My girlies.

2. I Think She Will (Series one) – 8.9

The final episode of Hacks series one is one of its best episodes, and it is a tour de force honestly. As Deborah prepares to either play it safe or do the new material, she quietly fumes about Ava’s job opportunity that climaxes in their argument as Deborah slaps Ava. It’s all amazing and the two of them are perfection – plus we get the drama of Ava sending THE EMAIL that will be a catalyst for series two.

1. The One, The Only (Series two) – 9.1

Hacks best episodes

The pictured balcony scene from this episode is my favourite scene in the entirety of Hacks. Just amazing – literally perhaps the best breakup scene in any TV show or film. It’s so moving! They sell the hell out of it. I love this dynamic so much. I cried.

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