Trivia quiz about Bridgerton season two ahead of season three Netflix release

A week before it comes back, take this quiz to see if you remember Bridgerton season two

Kate and Anthony haven’t left my mind since tbh

Dearest Reader, the time is soon to be upon us where the Ton reunites and we are back with our favourite show on Netflix. It is quite literally just DAYS before Bridgerton season three drops, and honestly, it’s felt like years and I need to pinch myself that the new season is here. So, to kill some of the remaining time and because it’s the perfect moment for it, here is a trivia quiz to see how well you remember Bridgerton season two.

I know what you’re thinking – not a single part of you has forgotten a single moment, and Kate and Anthony haven’t left your brain for even one second since season two was released on Netflix. I feel you, I get it. But how well do you actually remember all the details of season two? What was Lady Whistledown up to and what were the biggest scandals she unveiled? Who was who at the season two balls?

In the trivia quiz below you’ll be asked 10 questions about Bridgerton season two. It sounds easy, and if it is and you get full marks, congrats – you’re ready for season three. If not, a rewatch is needed! But, to be honest, rewatching the entire season is still a win in my eyes. Good luck!

Take this trivia quiz to see how well you remember Bridgerton season two:

Bridgerton season three is coming to Netflix on 16th May. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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