Theory of how season five of YOU on Netflix will end for Joe

There’s a theory of how Joe will reach his end in YOU season five and it is WILD

Prison just isn’t enough!

Season five of YOU is well and truly in production, and right now there is a big theory to do with how Joe Goldberg could finally get his comeuppance. He’s killed many, many people in his time, and the fifth and final season will see the end of Joe once and for all. So, we’re all wondering how it’s going to happen.

It may seem pretty obvious: The show is based on a book series, so Joe will meet his end in the same way the book does. But the show has already deviated majorly from the book, as the third book saw Joe arrested – and we’re yet to see even a speck of him being stopped in the Netflix series. Plus, there are only four books in the series by Caroline Kepnes, so the Netflix series is very much running its on course now.

So, let’s get back to the theory about Joe in season five – now we know there’s no book material we have to base it on. At the end of season four he had escaped with Kate, which means he has all the resource and money from her billionaire father.

It some pictures from filming, it looks as though Joe and Kate are enjoying the finer things in life and have become low-key celebs in New York, where they are now based. Pictures from filming show them getting out of a fancy car and stepping out at a red carpet event – very swanky of them!

This is where the theory comes in. From previous seasons, we know all of Joe’s skeletons lie in New York. It was where he first killed Beck, who despite her flaws was very popular and had a family she left behind.

In the third YOU book, people in New York have started to realise more about Joe. In the book, putting together some of the clues about Joe, his connections to Beck and his whereabouts when Peach died, Dr Nicky (who Joe framed for Beck’s murder) and an officer realise Joe is very much of interest. Plus, didn’t Joe cart Ellie off to New York for that writing class with the money he was giving her?

Basically, there are lots of people who know (and hate) Joe in New York, which is why he might want to keep a slightly lower profile than being papped at celeb events.

Penn Badgley previously teased at Tudum that a familiar face from Joe’s past will come back to haunt him in season five, creating problems for his NYC return.

If Joe is now living a very public life and flaunting his wealth, there are many, many people in New York who will recognise him and probably not take too well to him being able to leave like this.

Will he end up dead at the hands of everyone he ever wronged? Will it be one person who sees him and ends it all? We can hope!

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