MAFS Australia 2024 gained least Instagram followers

The MAFS Australia 2024 cast who gained the least Instagram followers from the show

Basically, there was no point

They might try and say it’s not the real reason they applied for the experiment – but deep down I bet who gains the most and least Instagram followers is a big thing on the minds of the MAFS Australia 2024 cast members.

It’s a quick way to see who was popular with the public, and who can turn their time on the show into a full-blown career. This year, it really looks as though the cast have struggled to gain a following.

Some of those who have gained the most amount of followers now have hundreds of thousands watching their every move, whereas those at the other end of the spectrum still have the same amount of followers as us regular, non-reality TV folk. Here is a ranking of the MAFS Australia 2024 cast members who have the least Instagram followers now, after the show.

9. Richard – 45.7k

Richard really won some hearts over his time in the MAFS Australia experiment, but clearly not everyone wants to follow on with his adventures afterwards! He now has just 45.7k followers to show for his weeks and weeks on the show.

8. Jono – 42.9k

I think Jono being on the list of MAFS 2024 cast members who gained the least Instagram followers is some sort of poetic justice for Lauren. I hope Jono is happy with Ellie and his 42k followers, that’s all I’m going to say.

7. Michael – 42.1k

Michael has just 42.1k after dipping early from the MAFS experiment following the flirty hairdresser scandal. He still posts with his fellow cast members, so at least he made friends!

6. Natalie – 32.6k

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Stephen was unlucky in love and left the show early. He’s since posted to say he found “plenty of love” in friendships from the show, on his Instagram where he has just over 30k followers.

4. Collins – 18.7k

Ah Collins. A small part of me feels as though Collins probably saw MAFS as his big break and chance to hit super-stardom. Instead, his marriage failed, everyone thought he was a paid actor, and now he’s only got 18.7k followers. A shame!

3. Ash – 10k

Ash was hardly on the show for any time, so it should be no surprise that after his whirlwind marriage to Madeleine he’s not come out with millions of followers. He has 10k, which tbh, he can’t really complain about.

2. Ben – 5.6k

Tour guide Ben didn’t exactly have a good time on MAFS, leaving shortly after writing that cursed list of everything he hated about Ellie. Ben is now seeing someone new, and has taken time to completely remove anything from before now from his Instagram. It literally looks as though he wasn’t ever on the show, with just a post about his girlfriend and one recent roundup surviving the cull.

1. Madeleine – 2k

Madeleine wasn’t on the show for a long time, but boy is she memorable. However, she has since wiped her Instagram completely clean, has no evidence of ever being on the show, and now has just one post and 2,000 followers. She continues to be an elusive figure!

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