MAFS Australia 2024 brides Sara and Eden

MAFS Australia 2024’s Sara confirms she’s ‘no longer friends’ with Eden following row


MAFS Australia 2024 participant Sara Mesa has confirmed she and fellow cast member Eden Harper are no longer friends after the experiment. Ouch.

Lauren, Sara and Eden were besties right from the start of the show, but then there were reports of a full bride war as the girls became enemies after Eden revealed the cheating scandal between Sara and her ex. Sara and Lauren are still besties after the show, but Sara has now confirmed she’s no longer on speaking terms with Eden.

In a Instagram Q&A, Sara was asked if Eden sharing their secret messages and revealing the cheating scandal with her ex really did call time on their friendship. Sara said she once “cherished” her relationship with Eden, but that yes, the huge row they had on the show was the end of that.

“Yes, Eden and I are no longer friends,” she said. “I really did cherish our friendship at the beginning. As someone who doesn’t have family in Australia, my friends are like my family. I tend to get to trust people easily when I feel a connection!”

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She continued: “I only knew Eden a short amount of time but I felt close to her. She may not say the same but everyone is entitled to feel how they want. I have no hard feelings for Eden.”

In case you’ve forgotten, during the retreat, Eden said she had received a text from Sara admitting she had met up with her ex. Eden then made the decision to tell the rest of the group what her then friend had told her, and the cheating scandal hugely blew up. This was then the main reason Tim and Sara’s marriage didn’t work out.

So, the scandal has broken up a marriage and a friendship! Yikes!

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