Doctor Who Susan Twist

The theories on why Doctor Who keeps mysteriously sneaking Susan Twist into episodes

She’s popped up as four different characters and is set to be back in the next episode too

Something weird is going on in Doctor Who, and it’s all about the actress Susan Twist. Twist has now popped up in four different episodes of Doctor Who, each time playing a small role that completely differs in vibe and has appeared across different time periods – and she’s lined up in the cast for next week’s episode Boom as well. It’s all very mysterious, and no one really has a clue what’s going on with it but it’s fascinating nonetheless. Here are all of the Doctor Who episodes where Susan Twist has popped up so far since her first appearance last year, and what it might all actually mean going forward.

Wild Blue Yonder

Susan Twist first cropped up in the Isaac Newton scene from Wild Blue Yonder, playing a maid called Mrs Merridew.

The Church on Ruby Road

Susan Twist then crops up again during the Christmas special, playing an unnamed character at the gig when Ruby is playing piano. She has a line requesting Ruby’s band do Gaudete – a 16th century carol. Random, but intriguing.

Space Babies

Susan Twist voices one of the comms officers we hear when the Doctor and Ruby find out what happened to the crew who left the babies behind on the space station.

The Devil’s Chord

Susan Twist was back again on the latest episode, playing the canteen tea lady who the Doctor fumes about for overcharging. Her line was “That’s me, Margaret Lockwood, the wicked lady. Now there was a woman – statuesque.”


In the upcoming Steven Moffat penned episode that will air on Saturday, Susan Twist is back again – playing a character known as ‘ambulance’.

So what is actually going on?

A huge theory around who Susan Twist is going to be comes from a clue fans spotted during the filming of series 14. The company name Triad Technologies was seen on set – with fans then going further and claiming they spotted the name Susan Triad on a picture behind a Russell T Davies interview in his office on a picture of Susan Twist. People think it’s all going to tie together and she’s going to be some sort of villain.

She might also be The One Who Waits – a villain who keeps getting teased. Or, she could be the Doctor’s granddaughter – who the Doctor quite randomly brought up during The Devil’s Chord. Either way, the intrigue is massive and I can’t wait too see what it all means.

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