Yas from Made in Chelsea was on an episode of Rich Kids Go Skint and it’s eye opening

Yas told her new family, who ‘lose sleep’ over money, that she spends hundreds on ‘all my creams’

Yas Zweegers from Made in Chelsea was once on an episode of Rich Kids Go Skint, and let’s just say, it looks like she had a harsh meeting with reality from the show.

In the series, she moved into a couple’s council flat for a week. The young family survive on £520 a month, after they fled from Mexico to escape violence and drug cartels. This was a stark contrast to the life Yas was used to, as she said she is given hundreds from her parents a month, and doesn’t have any bills or outgoings, other than her personal life.

Yas was on the show when she was 19 and studying at uni. She was introduced as “a university student whose parents are multimillionaires.” Yasmine said she applied to the Channel 5 series so she could understand how other people live – as she knew she’d been very “lucky” to have such a privileged lifestyle.

Yas Zweegers from Made in Chelsea in Rich Kids Go Skint

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“I’ve always been privately educated at school,” Yas said on the show, of her upbringing. “I get an allowance from my parents.” She described her “main base” as being Chelsea, before giving a tour of her family’s huge house, where they have bottles of champagne on show, just because they can. She said she “loves a statement designer piece”, hanging out at the Bluebell and spending “easily £200 on a night out.”

In contrast, the family Yas would be staying with were a Mexican family of four, who live in a two bedroom council flat. They survive on £520 a month for the whole family. Mother Sheila described being “stressed” over “not having enough money to live” and said she loses entire nights of sleep over not having enough money.

The synopsis for the episode on FiveStar reads: “Wealthy teen Yasmine lives with Sheila and Miguel, Mexican transplants in search of a safe place to raise a family, where she hears of their harsh upbringing.”

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Meeting her new family and seeing their home, Yas described the second bedroom as “cosy” and said her room is twice the size. There wasn’t enough room for Yas to have a bedroom, so she took the sofa. “It’s very plain, there’s not much furniture,” Yas said of the flat. “The children have drawn on the walls, but it matches the curtains so I guess it’s a nice combo.”

Yas said she felt “awkward” talking about her life with Sheila, who said she hoped Yas would be “more mature” after “living skint” with her family. Yas told Sheila she needed her huge monthly allowance of up to £800, despite not having any bills to pay, to fund her eating out and buying “all my creams and makeup”.

Yas Zweegers from Made in Chelsea in Rich Kids Go Skint

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Yas ate dinner on a budget at home with the family, and went on a trip out to the park with them, to see how you can have fun and spend quality time with your family, without having to spend hundreds. She also changed her first nappy, and did washing for the first time. Yas was tasked with doing the family’s weekly food shop, on a budget of £40.

Sheila said she was “unimpressed” with what Yas bought on a budget, but Yas defended her choices and said: “I don’t think you’ll starve.” Yas added: “We had a bit of an issue about all the tomatoes I bought,” after Sheila asked why she had bought loads of tomatoes and no fish or meat.

Yas Zweegers from Made in Chelsea in Rich Kids Go Skint

via FiveStar

Speaking over their final dinner together, Yas called Sheila and Miguel “amazing parents” and added: “I do look up to you, and I hope I’m as good to my kids as you are to yours.” As a thank you for all she taught her, Yas paid for Sheila, who had previously said she didn’t have money to learn to drive and thought it would help her feel more free, to have 10 hours of driving lessons, and booked her a theory test.

Watch her episode on demand here.

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