Here are seven sure ways to have an ultimate hot girl summer in Exeter

For the plot AND the tan lines

The temperature is rising. The sun is shining. The “pub?” texts are flowing through. That can only mean one thing: Summer is here. With dissertations submitted, exams finishing, and essays being written at the last possible second, summer is what Exeter students are looking forward to. This academic year left many of us confused, tired or even burnt out, but fear not, summer plans are to be made for you and the girlies. Whether that’s going to EGB or spending every day at Exmouth, here are some ways for you to live out your true “Hot Girl Summer” – all of which I encourage, for you feral girls to do for the plot.

1. Beach

The most obvious choice for all students at the University of Exeter is going to the beach. With just a train ride away, you can easily visit Exmouth or Dawlish beach – a day consisting of M&S tinnies, sunbathing and even a little BBQ (if you feel like fighting off the seagulls). After having a stressful academic year full of essays, exams, and dissertations, one way to let off steam is by going to the beach. Be sure to bring a speaker, get some cute pics and just relax. You deserve it.

2. Cocktails

A classic for the hot girl summer checklist is definitely cocktails with the girls. Whether that’s cocktails at home or cocktails out on the town, a cheeky Aperol Spritz in the sun is always a shout. In Exeter, we are lucky to have various cocktail bars. Such as The Cocktail Club or Coolings with two for one deals. If you wish to venture out on a sunny day, why not try out Doctor Ink’s Curiosities on the Quay or even Puerto Lounge where you can enjoy a bevvy with a beautiful background? If you’re looking for a more “night out” cocktail evening, try The Terrace or go for a bottomless brunch at Turtle Bay. Either way, you will definitely get a summer feeling and will love bonding with the girls as you drink your third Pornstar Martini. Nothing says “cheers” more than drunkenly yapping about your love for each other.

3. Random activities

Now that summer is fast approaching, TP is going to be the hotspot for ALL your silly, girly whirly nights out. Although you may have to struggle on Overheard for some tickets and attempt to not break the bank by ordering more than one Venom, TP can guarantee you all the fun you need. Even though you and the girls have been going to TP more times than you’ve been going to campus, why not just go again to fulfil your TP silliness? You are bound to live out your hot girl summer dream by dancing away on the top top floor singing your heart out to Taylor Swift’s Love Story – just make sure you don’t get too carried away and start texting your most recent situationship.

5. Get dressed up

A favourite activity of mine is getting dressed up with the girls, taking some cute pics, and spending the evening together. With EGB fast approaching and society balls in full swing, there’s no better time to get dressed up and live out your true hot girl summer. Getting dressed up is the perfect way to celebrate the end of the year in a classy way (even if you do end up wine drunk). Put on a new dress, slap on some makeup, and be sure to know your worth as you slay the night away!

6. Glow up

Another favourite activity of mine is taking time for ME. By this I mean, going to get my nails done, having a haircut, and getting my brows tinted. What’s a better way to prep for hot girl summer than to revamp your wardrobe with the newest ASOS range or deciding to change from blonde to brunette? Not only will you look hot for summer, but you will also become a new person in time to live out your fresh girl era. Even having a spa night in with the girlies can put you in the mindset of detoxing the bad vibes and welcoming in the good.

7. Block. Him.