Most successful agents on Selling The OC by money earned

Ranked: The most successful Selling The OC agents, by how much money they’ve earned

It’s dog eat dog out there

The aim of the game in Selling The OC is selling massive houses for The Oppenheim Group – and the most successful agents are turning over tens, and sometimes hundreds, of millions in sales.

In the show the cast scream and shout (and ring massive bells) about their sales, and it’s very competitive in the office for who can turn around deals. But who does it best?

Not all the sales figures are known for the cast of Selling The OC, but here are those which are, ranked by who is the most successful agent at making money for The Oppenheim Group.

5. Polly Brindle – Tens of millions in sales

The most successful agents in Selling The OC on Netflix

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The exact figure for Polly’s sales isn’t known, but during her time on the show we’ve seen her turn around loads – so she has definitely stacked up tens of millions in sales. We saw her sell two properties in season three alone, one being worth an impressive $7.9million.  

4. Kayla Cardona – Around $75million

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We can’t deny Kayla as one of the top earners at The O Group, as this season she closed on the largest sale ever in the office. The property was listed for $28.5million, and ended up selling for $24.5million.

3. Alexandra Rose – Close to $100million

The most successful agents in Selling The OC on Netflix

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Alexandra Rose is also one of the most successful agents on Selling The OC. Her profile on The Oppenheim Group website says she has “close to $100million in sales”. It says: “With close to $100million in sales in her first four years as a realtor and a degree in finance and economics, Alexandra brings a solid understanding of the dynamic real estate market.”

2. Lauren Shortt – Over 150 sales

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Up next is Lauren Shortt. It’s not know the exact figure she’s made, but her profile on The O Group website states she’s sold over 150 houses. Given the agency very rarely touches anything less than $1million, it’s safe to say she’s made serious bank over her time.

1. Gio Helou – $100million

The most successful agents in Selling The OC on Netflix

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The most successful agent on Selling The OC is officially Gio – who during the latest season of the show celebrated hitting $100million in sales. Gio was one of the first agents recruited to The Oppenheim Group’s Orange County office, so it’s no surprise he’s coming out on top. One of the most expensive houses he’s ever sold for The O Group was a $11,250,000 property in 2022.

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