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A rundown of who in the cast of Love Triangle is actually still mates after the show

Surprised any are after all the drama

If you were one of those who actually tuned in to Love Triangle on E4 – congratulations, you were gifted with one of the most beef filled reality dating shows I think ever put to screen. The sagas were endless and the rage was high, and it felt 10 minutes couldn’t go by without some cataclysmic fight where each of the cast decided to chuck in a zinger line across the table at every dinner party. Even by the time of the reunion episode, limply hosted by an out of her depth Vogue Williams, it still seemed like salt was being well and truly rubbed right into the wound. But, against all odds, some of the cast of Love Triangle have weathered the storm and remained friends, so here’s a little rundown of who’s still hanging out now the show is all wrapped and finished!

Lloyd and Matt

Lloyd and Matt have a serious bromance since they met and became pals on Love Triangle, and since the show has wrapped they’ve attended a fair few events together. They’ve also done a podcast episode too and met up with a few other people from the cast.

Kelly and Danielle

Despite the fact they were in a tense rivalry whilst both having feelings for Mike on the show, Kelly has spoken about how her and Danielle never had any bad blood and even built up a friendship. She’s all about empowering women, and it’s great to see.

Brody and Emily

No bad blood between Brodie and Emily who both annihilated Lloyd with ease. Evil Lloyd, not nice Lloyd. They’re queening out here and I love to see it.

Mike, Moses and Jack

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A random trio of boys we never really saw hanging out on the show but they all went and played mini golf together. Mike also has hung out with Lloyd and Matt, Simon and, randomly… Mitch from Love Island?

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Mitch would turn up to the opening of a packet of crisps, I fear.

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