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Everything Piers Morgan has said about Fiona Harvey since the Baby Reindeer interview

‘I think she lied to me a lot’

Since Fiona Harvey came forward as the ‘real’ Martha from Baby Reindeer and took part in a controversial and divisive interview special with Piers Morgan last week, there has been a lot said debating everything she said when questioned and what it means for her, Netflix and Richard Gadd going forward. Social media has been vocal with opinions and takes on the interview, but here’s everything Piers Morgan himself has said about Fiona Harvey since that instantly infamous viral interview last week.

Speaking on Lorraine yesterday, Piers Morgan spoke frankly about the Fiona Harvey interview and gave his take on it all, sharing opinions we didn’t see in the interview itself. “I felt it was important she’d be allowed to have her say because she’s already been revealed by the media as the real life Martha, but she had no ability to tell her story.

“When we asked her if she wanted to come on, she said ‘Yes, I think Piers has a big platform, I think he’s an interviewer who’ll be fair with me’ – I think I was fair with her. I think people who know me – I’ve been a lot harder on people. Politicians and so on, in the past. I tried to be very fair and balanced. I tried to get to the truth. I think she lied to me a lot in the interview.


“I felt it was important that she be allowed to have her say.” Piers Morgan exshares why he decided to interview Fiona Harvey, the woman believed to be the real-life Martha from the hit Netflix show ‘Baby Reindeer’. #Lorraine#piersmorgan #babyreindeer #piersmorganinterview

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“But I think on this key point, like I say, is she a convicted stalker? If it turns out she isn’t, then the Netflix claim at the start of every episode ‘this is a true story’ becomes extremely problematic because it’s not a true story.”

Lorraine Kelly then interjects and says “Well that’s the thing isn’t it, it should have said ‘based on’.” Piers continued “Or ‘a dramatised version of events’ or any of the normal words or phrases that a network might use. I think they’ve got problems here, because [Fiona Harvey] is clearly determined to have her day in court.

“Then we’ll find out two things. One, has she been convicted – and secondly, did she send all the messages. As you saw in the interview, I pushed her quite hard about well hang on, you realise on discovery in a court case this will all come out and then I thought she started to slightly rein back. When she said ‘Even if I did send the 41,000 emails’ – I thought that was very telling.”

Piers also posted on Twitter / X, responding to Fiona Harvey saying in the Daily Record she wants “a million” over the £250 she was paid for the interview, “No Fiona – you want an agent.”

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