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Kelly from Love Triangle says she felt bullied by cast over comments about her age

‘I’m all about empowerment’

Kelly from Love Triangle on E4 has said she felt bullied after two of her female cast members told her to “stop bringing up her age” on the show. This show honestly had some of the messiest drama I’ve seen on reality TV in ages – and it’s no surprise that the drama has carried on following the show considering emotions were really high, and Kelly has now clapped back at any comments made regarding her age and the situation she found herself in on Love Triangle.

Kelly found herself in the titular Love Triangle with Canadian basketball player Mike, and the two quickly bonded and feelings developed fast with the two getting intimate within the first week. Drama hit though when the second part of the triangle, Danielle, entered the show and Mike developed feelings for her too. Kelly was worried about it, especially because Danielle is 10 years her junior.

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When Kelly mentioned on Love Triangle that she was the oldest female in the cast, she was told by a fellow woman on the show that she was fed up of hearing about it and that it was irrelevant

.”My biological clock is ticking and I’m ready to meet someone, and she just wasn’t getting it. Then the whole table erupted and told them they had no idea of the pressures women my age face,” Kelly explained. She said this comment really hurt her, as she’s “all about empowerment.”

Kelly continued: “I spent 10 days living with Mike, 24 hours a day. It was almost like six months of dating in one day, it was very intense.  It was very natural between us and we had chemistry straight away. Then a text came through at a dinner party we were having with the other couples saying that the person they rejected was going to be moving in and I was moving out.

“I came on the show to find someone. I’m 38, I want to settle down. It was so difficult, they put in a girl who was 10 years younger than me and that brought up a lot.”

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