Fiona Harvey paid interview

How much Fiona Harvey wants to be paid for her interview vs what she was actually paid

Piers Morgan responded with ‘No Fiona you want an agent’

Since its release a week ago, Piers Morgan’s interview with Fiona Harvey, the “real-life” Baby Reindeer has gained over 11 million views in total as people watched her tell “her side of the story”. And since then, you’ve probably seen her demanding she gets paid more than she actually was, given how much Piers is going to make off her appearance.

So, this is how much Fiona Harvey wanted to be paid for her Piers Morgan Baby Reindeer interview, versus what she was actually paid:

Fiona Harvey paid interview

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Before the interview, Fiona Harvey revealed Piers Morgan only paid her £250 for the appearance in total.

But since then, Fiona has spoken out and demanded more money.  “They offered me £250 and I asked if that was what they paid everyone and, if so, I wanted to see documentation to that effect,” she told the Daily Record.

“That documentation has not been forthcoming. I have not signed a contract for the interview and I will be seeking far more than a piddling £250.”

She then said that she’d “settle for a million”.

So the “real” Martha was paid £250 for the interview but is demanding £1 million, £99,750 more than her current payment.

In her interview with the Daily Record, she added: “I read a snippet online that Piers felt very sorry for me but he feels sorry for no one. His staff were being so nice and saying everything was ok but when I went in to meet him he could barely look at me. It was all a big act.

“He didn’t even say goodbye and only got the photograph taken with me because he needed it for the publicity.”

In response to Fiona Harvey demanding a million for the interview, Piers Morgan then tweeted saying: “No Fiona… you want an agent.”

Then speaking on Lorraine about the interview, Piers Morgan said: “I felt it was important she’d be allowed to have her say because she’s already been revealed by the media as the real life Martha, but she had no ability to tell her story.

“When we asked her if she wanted to come on, she said ‘Yes, I think Piers has a big platform, I think he’s an interviewer who’ll be fair with me’ – I think I was fair with her. I think people who know me – I’ve been a lot harder on people. Politicians and so on, in the past. I tried to be very fair and balanced. I tried to get to the truth. I think she lied to me a lot in the interview.”

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