It’s official: What your food choice after a Warwick night out says about you

Are you a Vialli’s visionary or a Maccies menace?

If we’re being so real, the food you get after a night out can really make or break the evening. But here’s the catch – options can be annoyingly limited. So, the age-old drunken Warwick uni student question is this: where do you go for your 3am snack? And what does that say about you? Well, a lot. Here’s why:


This has got to be the absolute god tier of fast food to buy in Leamington. Not only is it a traditional rite of passage as a Warwick student to go here, but it literally has garlic mayo on tap and they reuse order numbers – we love an eco friendly business. But, they do close at 3am on a Wednesday night… so if you’re looking for this Central Leam oasis after Pop nights, you better be speedy.

If you’re a Vialli’s visionary, here’s what I think about you:

  • You appreciate the classic and humble cheesy chip after a night out
  • You’re a dedicated individual – always determined to get that garlic mayo
  • You’re a loyal customer and a huge fan of tradition


Raj Fish and Kebab house

Being so close to Smack, it’s a quick and easy solution to the age old problem – we need food now, where do we get it? It does the trick if you don’t fancy a walk. They run a pretty swift operation though, so if you want to stand inside and wait with your friends to get their order, don’t even think about it. It doesn’t matter if it’s minus 10 degrees out – you better go cosy on the pavement.

If you’re a Raj’s revolutionary, here’s what I think about you:

  • You’re resourceful and you’ll go to the nearest available place – you have a need for food and you’ll solve it ASAP.
  • You don’t question where you’re eating as long as its good – does a fish and kebab fusion need to be a thing? Kinda, yes.
  • You’re not easily put off – willing to wait outside in the Arctic for chips? I applaud you – you’re made of stronger stuff than I am.


Certainly not unique to Leamington but a standby for a post bar banquet. There’s really not much to say about this one so lets get straight to it.

Here’s what I think about you if you’re a Maccies menace:

  • Considering the nearest one to us after a night out requires a car, it is an absolutely feral choice and for that you’re either too drunk to think properly or a true visionary. Fair play for the latter.
  • It does beg the question though- how are you getting there? Someone has to drive you or you have to take an Uber. This shows you’ll go the extra mile for your chicken nuggs and that shows dedication and tenacity – a true Warwick winner.
  • Overall, you’ve gotta do what you do, and I trust you to get stuff done – albeit in a roundabout way.

Burger van on campus

This is the classic option after Pop, and while not cheap, I’m sure the econ students will be able to tell you all about supply and demand etc. Mind you, it’s service with a smile and for that I like it.

If you’re a van visitor here’s the deal:

  • After Pop, options are limited – but you will always find a way to get what you want.
  • You’re not fussy – in fact, convenience wins over everything.
  • You’ve money to burn and see no issue spending a small fortune on your night out snack. Dare I say Daddy’s money?

The Christian Union stand

I do know people who insist on getting a free hot choccie and biscuit from the CU stand after Pop, and you’ve gotta hand it to them – it’s a good shout. That hot chocolate is really, really good.

There’s not a whole lot to say about you if you’re a CU stand seeker but I will say this:

  • You appreciate the little things in life and love a bargain.
  • You’re probably a yapper and like a bit of a convo after Pop – which the ambassadors are usually happy to have. After all, it is freezing standing there – bless them.

At home

This is dull but sensible, which to be honest is all that needs to be said.

But here we go anyway. If you’re a fridge fiend, this is what I think about you:

  • You’re very frugal and responsible and your parents would be very proud. Good job.
  • You’re probably not the life and soul of the party but that’s fine – you’ll go far in life as you consistently make smart choices.
  • This does sometimes lead to a full scale banquet at 3am though so tread carefully – you don’t want to have to come down to a mountain of washing up.

Pit Stop

This is actually in Birmingham but it does get an honourable mention. And here’s why:

If you’re on Pit Stop patrol, here’s what I think about you:

  • You live each day as it comes, taking everything on the chin. You’re not picky at all.
  • Their vibes are 10 out of 10 – so you crave the adventure of a night out and you love to keep the atmosphere exciting.
  • You seriously live life on the edge – for that I both respect (and slightly fear you).


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