Okay: What is actually going on between Bobby Brazier and Ella from MAFS UK!?

They were pictured snogging at the BAFTAs

In perhaps the most random crossover ever, the iconic Ella Morgan from last year’s MAFS UK and Bobby Brazier from EastEnders and Strictly were pictured kissing – nay, SNOGGING – at the BAFTAs this year. It’s the most unexpected linkup you could possibly imagine from the UK reality TV scene but one that has everyone talking. Ella made history as the first trans bride on MAFS UK and stole everyone’s hearts by being vulnerable, upfront and a great TV presence and Bobby Brazier made everyone fall in love with him on Strictly and Enders – so it’s a powerful combo. But what is actually going on with Bobby Brazier and Ella from MAFS UK after their BAFTAs snog!? And how did this all come about anyway!?

Ella on MAFS UK last year

In pictures obtained by The Sun, Ella and Bobby were seen kissing passionately in front of a lot of celebs at the BAFTAs afterparty at the Royal Festival Hall. One attendee told The Sun “Bobby and Ella were going for it, it was a proper snog and he went back a couple of times for more. They were sharing flirty banter and then they pulled each other to one side for a snog by the bar. Later, they had their arms wrapped around each other for another snog, too.”

Seems they were loving it, fair play. Bobby was dancing around and hanging out with Sid Owen who also stars in EastEnders, and The Sun’s source continued saying “Bobby and Sid were having a great time chatting at the bar. It was like watching a real-life episode of East­Enders with the older man schooling the young lad who then went off and enjoyed a kiss or two.”

Bobby with partner Dianne Buswell on Strictly

It had been a wild night for Ella, after she fainted when she was on the red carpet during the hot night in London – but she recovered after being seen by medics. She looked stunning in a black lacy dress.

Bobby was previously dating Strictly winner Ellie Leach, but it appears the relationship is done with.

As for Ella and Bobby – it might just have been a little one night silly bit of kissing. We’ve all been there. Ella follows Bobby on Instagram, but he doesn’t follow her back.

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