Cressida Cowper husband bridgerton

Despite being single in the show, here’s who Cressida Cowper marries in Bridgerton books

And she still doesn’t get her happily ever after

Whilst I’m a hardcore Bridgerton fan through and through, I was initially of the controversial opinion that season one was still yet to be beaten. However, with just four episodes of season three released, I am honestly gripped by Penelope and Colin Bridgerton’s story already and believe they may become our favourite couple yet.

But despite the spotlight now being on our Lady Whistledown, fans are also aware that fellow gem, Cressida Cowper, is also yet to secure a marriage in season three. And with Cressida taking on a more prominent role in season three as Eloise’s new bestie, it’s only right that she find her happy ending as well, right?

Here’s a look at who Cressida Cowper actually marries in the Bridgerton books

Cressida Cowper husband bridgerton

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Despite navigating failed romantic connections with not only Prince Friedrich and Jack Featherington, Cressida also takes interest in Lord Debling in season three. But that relationship goes down the pan too, with Debling instead having an eye for Penelope himself.

Of course we know that the series swapped the order of book three and four, and so in book four of Julia Quinn’s novels, Cressida actually marries Lord Twombley. Unfortunately for Cressida, her husband subsequently dies before the events of book four, Romancing Mr. Bridgerton, leaving her as a widow who is struggling for money to get by.

However, in the Netflix series, Cressida is still unmarried and has no clear suitors lined up. She’s left with the task of finding a suitor before the decision is taken from her and she is matched with a husband.

Interestingly, Cressida’s only eye candy in season three, Lord Debling, is actually made up for the show and doesn’t exist in the novels.

So, with the final four episodes of Bridgerton season three dropping on June 13th, who knows who she’ll end up with? Despite Lord Debling’s initial snubbing, there’s a chance he might change his mind and pursue Cressida in seasons to come. Who said romance was dead?

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