Seven places to cheer on your friends running the half marathon at the Great Bristol run

Enjoy your pints in the sun while shouting ‘run faster’ to your mate who has bitten off more than they can chew

Even if you couldn’t think of any worse than running a half marathon, there are a million other ways to join in on the race-day excitement. Whether you’re supporting a friend or just joining in the fun, this is your ultimate guide to the best spots to watch the runners and enjoy the race. Grab your signs, banners, and drag your housemates out to enjoy the day. Who knows, it might give you the courage to join the next one.


This is where the runners take off – think music blaring, people cheering, and a sea of colourful running gear. Grab a coffee from one of the cosy cafes, or a cheeky morning pint, and watch the runners embark on their 13.1-mile journey through the city.

Head down the river to Pumphouse 

Set yourself up near The Pump House, a great pub overlooking the river. Cheer on the runners as they pass the two mile point, then grab a pint (or two) and catch them as they loop back around for mile seven.

Wapping Wharf

Another great spot right in the midst of the action, with plenty of delicious food and drink options at your fingertips. This trendy waterfront area is packed with an eclectic mix of independent shops, cafes and eateries housed in converted shipping containers. Grab a coffee or a bite to eat as you watch the runners pass by on mile eight.

Queens Square

This lovely green space in the city centre is perfect for settling down with a picnic blanket and watching the runners pass by. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option to celebrate the day, then bring your own food and drink and enjoy a relaxed morning cheering on the runners as they loop around the square.

Castle Park

Castle Park is a perfect location if you arrive late to the race-day action. Bring a few tinnys and catch the runners as they near the end, at the 12-mile point. Expect a more lively atmosphere as this is the location of a “music zone”, with jazzy-folk music from the band Chai For All.

St. Augustine’s Parade

For the grand finale, make your way to St. Augustine’s Parade, just before the race finishes. This bustling central spot is perfect to watch the relieved runners approach their last mile. Sit right on the street in the Drawbridge or Columbian Coffee to catch the runners as they soldier on to the finish line.

King Street

Head to King Street for some post-race celebrations. King Street is the perfect place to buy an exhausted friend a celebratory pint, or just be a part of the “runners’ high” as they flock in to celebrate and recover.

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