Claudia Jessie reveals serious but hilarious reason Eloise was wearing huge cuffs in Bridgerton

It’s the summer muff!

Have you been binge watching Bridgerton and spotted the strange detail that is Eloise Bridgerton wearing huge cuffs despite it being the height of summer in Regency London? Well, Claudia Jessie who plays her has revealed there was a very significant reason behind the odd wardrobe choice.

In episode one of season three, we see Eloise stepping out for Ton walk with Cressida Cowper, and despite the sun beating down on the two of them, Eloise is sporting some rather large, and thick, cuffs. Then, as the pair walk around, we see the trend has clearly caught on, as loads of the characters are walking around with similar.

In a recent interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Claudia Jessie has said this wasn’t just a fun style choice by the wardrobe department – it was actually to disguise the fact she had broken her wrist whilst filming was taking place. And the accident happened in a very on-brand way for her.

Why Eloise had such huge cuffs in Bridgerton season three on Netflix

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Explaining what happened, she said: “It was a Friday morning, and I got there it was like 8am, we hadn’t even started filming. To celebrate everyone’s good mood, I did a high kick.” She said that because of the dress she was wearing on set, her leg was “restricted immediately” and the bottom of the dress took her legs out.

Claudia landed on her wrist, and at first everyone was laughing, but then Claudia began to lose her hearing because of going into shock over the pain. Yep, she had broken her wrist. Ouch.

But of course, a cast over her arm wasn’t exactly going to fit in with the show, so Claudia said they had fun naming her wardrobe addition “the summer muff” and laughing that she was “elbow deep in summer muff” despite it being a beautiful summer day.

“They didn’t have casts in Regency England,” Claudia said. “They had to make a muff.” As Stephen then got out a still from the show, Claudia explained that is what they on set called “the summer muff” which was completely made up for her injury. No, they didn’t actually exist back in the day. “It’s the summer muff of course!”, she concluded.

Her wrist is fine now, btw.

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