Prudence Featherington Umbridge

Wait, Prudence Featherington from Bridgerton’s mum is actually Umbridge from Harry Potter?!

Her dad is also Mr Carson from Downton Abbey

So, it turns out that Prudence Featherington from Bridgerton is a bit of a nepo baby and her mum is none other than Imelda Staunton, AKA Professor Umbridge from Harry Potter?!? I am literally so shook right now.

Bessie Carter plays the hilarious Featherington sister in the show and is the only child of Imelda Staunton, best known for playing the Queen in The Crown and Umbridge in Harry Potter and Jim Carter who, if you’re a big fan of a period drama you’ll also recognise from his role as Mr Carson in Downton Abbey! What a crossover.

The family were pictured at the Wonkla Premiere in November last year, also alongside LORD DEBLING from this season. The twists and turns won’t stop coming. Bessie is rumoured to be dating Sam Phillips who plays the nature-obsessed Lord in season three. Before Bridgerton, Sam also appeared in The Crown, in seasons three and four before Imelda Staunton appeared in season five.

Imelda and Jim met during a production of Guys and Dolls and married in 1983. Bessie, AKA Prudence is their only child and was born in 1993. Since then they’ve also appeared in the Downton Abbey movie together where Jim plays the legendary Mr Carson and Imelda as Lady Maud Bagshaw, lady in waiting to the Queen.

Although Bessie has not filmed anything alongside her mum, they said a lot of wholesome stuff about each other during an interview with The Times.

“She was great from the beginning. Very kind and patient, even at a few days old,’ Imelda said about her daughter “I feel very fortunate in that I’ve never had that empty-nest feeling because she’s in the business. But whereas I was catapulted into the theatre, she’s been born into it, and she’s grown up with our mates who are like her uncles and aunts.”

She added: “Honestly, there’s nothing nicer than the acting tribe, and knowing she’s moved out to be with this extended family feels very good indeed.” She added that to work together was her “only unfulfilled ambition”. Obsessed!

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