Bridgerton editing error

Someone spotted a major editing error in Bridgerton season three and it will drive you mad

How did we miss this??

So, someone on TikTok has spotted a huge editing error during season three of Bridgerton and literally how did no one notice this??

The error happens in the very first episode of the new season, after Penelope storms out of the ball when Cressida ruins her new dress. Despite spending ages on her glow-up getting ready for the ball she runs out and throws her hairpiece on the ground. And then when Colin comes out to see if she’s okay and they talk, her hairpiece stays on the ground. But she then gets in her carriage home leaving it still on the floor.

She goes home and then writes the scathing stuff about him in Whilstledown and the camera immediately cuts to her furiously scribbling at her desk wearing, you guessed it, the very same hairpiece that she threw and left on the ground in the previous scene! You can watch it for yourself here:


Who else spotted this?? 👀 #bridgerton #bridgertonseason3 #polin #bridgertonnetflix

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The TikToker says that she thought they would include a scene of Colin picking it up and returning it to her but instead, it cuts straight to her at home wearing it.

Loads of people in the comments said they were really frustrated by the error, with one person saying: “This type of thing drives me nuts” with another person adding: “I hate when I pick up on continuity problems in film/TV! I’m like ?? This is so obvious! Haha.”

I’m never not going to be annoyed by this when I undoubtedly watch the season for the millionth time.

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