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Jim Parsons has shared the one thing that would get him to play Sheldon again

He came back for the final of Young Sheldon, but only one reason would get him to do it again

Now that Young Sheldon is wrapped up and The Big Bang Theory universe sets sights on its spin off of its spin off, Jim Parsons has spoken about whether he’s return again as Sheldon Cooper after doing so in the final episode of the prequel. Whilst generally Jim Parsons has said that the Young Sheldon return as the role who made him so famous was a one off, he did share the one key reason that could sway him into returning to the role. And I’m not going to lie, it’s not looking likely that this reason in particular is ever actually going to happen.

Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik reprised their roles as Sheldon Cooper and his wife Amy in the finale of Young Sheldon, but when E News asked Parsons what it would take for him to reprise the role in a sequel he jokingly said “Reincarnation? Another lifetime?

“Look, never say never to anything! Life is long, God willing, but I don’t think so!”

He also spoke a bit about what it was like to come back and film for the finale, saying “It was very, very special to do that. The feeling today [after it has aired] is kinda odd. It’s the second time now because when we ended The Big Bang Theory it felt like this too – a little bit different, but you shoot that final episode and it’s wrapped for you. Then, a couple of months later, it wraps for the rest of the world and it’s a very weird feeling to float over you again.”

Apparently, it didn’t take much to get Jim Parsons back for the final of Young Sheldon – with exec producer and show runner Steve Holland saying Jim and Mayim “were both excited. Jim’s obviously been a part of the show. He’s an executive producer. He’s been the narrator.

“I think Mayim literally said, ‘Anything you want me to do, I’ll come there and do.’”

I cannot believe it’s all over!

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