Young Sheldon plot hole

Young Sheldon’s ending explains George Sr plot hole in The Big Bang Theory

It finally makes sense now

The finale of Young Sheldon has finally solved one of the main issues between the prequel and The Big Bang Theory – the differences in how these two shows spoke about George Sr. George Cooper Sr is Sheldon Cooper’s dad, who had passed away before the events of The Big Bang Theory and in that show a lot of the jokes or references to him from Sheldon, Leonard or guest starring members of the Cooper family spoke about him in a way that was jarringly different to how he actually came across in the prequel. It was honestly a major Young Sheldon plot hole up until the final episode, where the show cleverly managed to bridge the gap between The Big Bang Theory and the prequel’s George Sr. But how did it do it?


Young Sheldon ended with the funeral of George Sr, who The Big Bang Theory had always referred to as someone who had passed away. The prequel portrayed Sheldon’s dad as someone lovable, a wholesome family man who everyone cherished being around whereas in the original show the characters spoke more negatively about him and made jokes at his expense. The plot hole got wrapped up in the Young Sheldon finale when Missy tearfully questioned why in all the eulogy speeches people were joking and taking the mick out of George Sr. Georgie then explains to her that the reason everyone is doing this is because they loved him – all the jokes and digs are out of fondness.

This is a good way for Young Sheldon to explain the plot hole between the two shows. Obviously, when The Big Bang Theory began the show’s writers had no clue that a spinoff would be happening in the future so their idea of George Sr was very different to what we eventually saw – and the prequel show would have been significantly darker if they stuck with the tone of TBBT’s way of talking about George Sr.

A clever way to wrap it all together and debunk that plot hole!

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