This is how old all the cast members of Buying London on Netflix are

Some of them are so young!

Another day, another drama-filled property show on Netflix to become obsessed with. Netflix has just released Buying London, so prepare to spend ages this week sat on your sofa admiring houses you can’t afford, sold by agents you can’t relate to.

Buying London is kind of like everything you get from Selling Sunset, but based in the UK. Think huge houses in Chelsea, Mayfair and beyond, and drama from the agents as we go along. The agents are from DDRE Global, and we will be watching as they take on luxury real estate in the capital, London.

So, let’s get to know them all with some pretty basic info first. Here’s a rundown of all the ages of the agents from Buying London on Netflix.

Daniel Daggers

Age: 44

Buying London on Netflix

via Netflix

The big boss at DDRE is 44-year-old Daniel. He wants to revolutionise the real estate industry after 25 years in the business. Having started out selling studio flats, he’s now at the top of his game as the go-to luxury agent in London with some of the capital’s most eye-wateringly expensive properties on his books.

Rosi Mai Walden

Age: 28

via Netflix

One of the agents is 28-year-old Rosi Mai, who you might already recognise from when she was on Made in Chelsea. Having grown up in Holland Park, Rosi knows prime central London like the back of her hand. She claims to have new money clients all over the world, but her nose is put out of joint when she sees the biggest properties being handed to teacher’s pet Lauren, who she believes has Danny wrapped around her little finger.

Reme Nicole Urubusi

Age: 21

via Netflix

Reme is the youngest of all the agents on Buying London, aged just 21. She is desperate to impress her boss and mentor Daniel, who calls her his “rough diamond.” Warm and bubbly, but equally determined and ambitious, Reme is a rising star on the look-out for the big money opportunities which will help her make her mark at DDRE.

Olivia Wayne

Age: 38

Buying London on Netflix

via Netflix

Classy and level-headed, DDRE content creator Olivia has the diplomacy skills to diffuse the most volatile of situations. The 38-year-old peacemaker in the office and the voice of reason amid any drama, is likeable, caring, and often acts as a go-between when conflict erupts.

Rasa Bagdonaviciute

Age: 35

via Netflix

Headstrong Rasa is 35, and a well-connected hustler with a black book bursting with the phone numbers of millionaires and billionaires. Always at the heart of the office politics, she’s unafraid to speak her mind and never shies away from confrontation, even if that means locking horns with the other agents, causing Daniel to force her to resolve differences.

Juliana Ardenius

Age: 30

Buying London on Netflix

via Netflix

30-year-old Juliana is self-assured, and reckons she’s the hottest interior designer in London. She aims to make the properties she works on look as glamorous as she is. Juliana says herself that she can be “very naughty” when given half a chance and relishes the opportunity to push boundaries.

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