Young Sheldon Meemaw finale

Explaining how Meemaw in the Young Sheldon finale influenced Mary in The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon’s mum is totally different when we meet her in the future

One of the biggest issues about Young Sheldon was how the characters were a bit inconsistent to how we knew them when they would cameo or were mentioned previously in The Big Bang Theory – which obviously takes place after the prequel. This means the show kind of had to put things in motion as to why the characters in the main show would refer to Sheldon’s family members the way they were. One of the main examples of this is how devout and how much of a religious zealot Sheldon Cooper’s mum Mary is in TBBT – but the Young Sheldon finale explains how Meemaw inadvertently signals the change in Mary we see in the future.

The finale to Young Sheldon did a really good job at trying to wrap things up and explain how characters evolve before The Big Bang Theory – something we will see more in the upcoming Georgie and Mandy’s First Marriage spinoff. The big shift not really discussed until the finale of Young Sheldon is how Mary, Sheldon Cooper’s mother, moved from being a reasonably religious woman to a truly devout Christian and religiously fanatical zealot. The Young Sheldon finale actually signals this change via Meemaw.

As Sheldon, Georgie and Missy got concerned about how much time Mary had started spending praying after George Sr passed away, Meemaw in the finale says “Just give her some time, she’ll calm down”. It’s a pointed line, because as the audience knows she doesn’t calm down and goes completely the other way. With this line, Young Sheldon signals the future of Mary in the Big Bang Theory and gives an explanation to the difference between the two Mary Coopers we know in the shows. Her isolation and loneliness and grief from her husband’s death caused the character’s evolution.

It’s a really sad part of Young Sheldon’s finale.

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