Fake nails to false eyelashes: The annoying historical beauty errors in Bridgerton season three

Seriously though, why does Colin looks so airbrushed?

To most, Bridgerton is the most perfect show on Netflix. It’s stunning, it makes us laugh, it makes us cry and it has an unmatchable skill at making us fall in love with its leads every single season. However, some people have spotted some pretty major imperfections in Bridgerton season three, in the form of quite large historical errors.

Bridgerton is set in the 1800s. And what was there definitely none of over 200 years ago? Botox, fake nails and false eyelashes. But what was season three of Bridgerton seemingly full of? Botox, fake nails and false eyelashes. Uh-oh.

Penelope is wearing acrylic nails


This just blew my mind because why was this my nail inspo for my nail appt??😭😭😭😭 #bridgertonseason3

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Some people have vision that is way too good, because it’s been spotted that through season three of Bridgerton, Penelope Featherington is wearing fake nails! Obviously Nicola Coughlan had her acrylics done before filming, and the crew forgot to edit them out or make them less obvious.

Sharing a clip to TikTok, one user joked they’re using Pen as inspo for their next nail appointment, and in the comments another added she’s “a time traveller” for being able to get glam in the 1800s. Is there anything our girl Pen can’t do?

Loads of the female characters have false lashes on

Bridgerton season three historical beauty errors

via Netflix

Nails aren’t the only thing the women of Bridgerton are being called out for having had done. Throughout the season, it looks as though plenty of the Ton is sporting false eyelashes – also, surprisingly, not a thing in the 1800s.

It looks pretty clear in some photos of Francesca Bridgerton, played by Hannah Dodd, that she is wearing falsies. One person said: “Is no one else peeved by the fact that the females on Bridgerton had glam faces the whole time beat with highlight, contour and eyelashes??? Aggravating.”

Umm, people think Colin has had Botox?

Bridgerton season three historical beauty errors

via Netflix

A TikToker has sent the Bridgerton world into frenzy after claiming Colin Bridgerton has had Botox. I mean, he did come back from his travels looking pretty damn airbrushed?

On TikTok, she said:At first, I was like what is happening with Colin Bridgerton’s face? Then I realised it doesn’t move. So Colin definitely has Botox. I am not anti-Botox, but for a romantic lead the lack of facial expressions is really getting to me!” In the comments, people are losing it. “I agree so hard about the Botox,” one person said. “Colin looks like he has the bold glamour filter on him,” another added.

She then clarified that she meant no shade at Luke Newton, who plays Colin, for any cosmetic treatments he may or may not have undergone, but rather she was trying to call out the “Bridgerton team” for being “heavy handed” with the glam in season three.

“This is a critique of the Bridgerton styling team who was generally very heavy handed this season across the board and not a critique of Luke Newton who looks amazing in real life likely because some of these treatments have worn off,” she added.

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