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Someone has SUCH a convincing theory that Eloise’s story is next in Bridgerton season four

It makes so much sense!

So, we might only be four episodes into Penelope and Colin’s story in season three of Bridgerton, but with season four already confirmed to be happening, a lot of people have been theorising and hoping about which Bridgerton sibling might come next for their season.

The show has already gone against the book order by putting Colin’s story before Benedict but now someone on Twitter has very convincing evidence that it’s actually Eloise whose season will be next and I am SO excited if true.

@cursedhat on Twitter posted a thread with the caption: “Thought on why Eloise’s season may be next in Bridgerton.” They then go on to list a load of evidence that suggests that Eloise will be taking centre stage next. So let’s go through it all and see why Eloise might be the main focus of season four. (Spoiler alert for things that may take place in season four based on the Bridgerton books).

1. In the Bridgerton books, although Netflix has skipped straight through Benedict’s story, Eloise’s book comes after Colin’s and is triggered by the events of Colin’s book. Penelope getting married is the push Eloise needs to leave home and escape society

2. In the first four episodes of season four, Eloise has been getting the most screen time of all the side plots. This is common for the next Bridgerton sibling to be the main character as Anthony had the most in season one and Penelope had the most in season two.

Bridgerton season four

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3. Eloise has been villainised a lot so far this season, being called out by both Cressida and Colin and obviously her fallout with Penelope. So far the main characters have always been at their lowest the season before their own. Anthony gave up on love in season one and in season two Pen literally lost everything.

4. Major spoilers ahead, but Ruby Barker who plays Marina in seasons one and two will not be returning to the show and in the books her character dies, so we can assume she is already dead. Phillip doesn’t make a cameo in this season, but will obviously appear in Eloise’s season given it’s him she gets with.

5. Claudia Jessie has done a lot of promo this season, given she’s not the main character. This could be because she is the second half of Penelope’s love story but also because she is next.

6. Benedict’s story is such a standalone in its events that it could go last, whereas Eloise is directly affected by Polin. Benedict’s book also spans over a few years which Netflix could speed up but it might make more sense to introduce his love interest Sophie a few seasons in advance like Phillip.

7. Eloise wears a lot of green in season three so far, which is Phillips’s colour.

8. Eloise has bonded with Kate in the show the way she had with Sophie in the books and the show makes clear that Romney Hall and Aubrey Hall are nearby. Any scenes between Eloise and Sophie at My Cottage can be substituted with Eloise and Kate at Aubrey Hall.

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