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From Game of Thrones to Bridgerton: The wildest historical errors in TV and film

The Starbucks cup in Game of Thrones will haunt me forever

There’s actually not much that’s funnier than when historical, period TV shows and films make a huge error and leave something in shot that fully breaks the immersion and takes you out of the world the creators are meant to be taking you to. And it happens more than it should, really – but I actually don’t mind because the absurdity it brings to the table and the memes it produces actually make it all worthwhile. There have been so many great ones over the years, and with Bridgerton series three just dropping on Netflix there have been a whole lot more – so here’s a rundown of the funniest and wildest historical errors in TV and film.

The infamous Game of Thrones Starbucks cup and other Westeros bluffs

Honestly there is nothing to break the immersion like a coffee cup from a global chain sitting right in the middle of Westeros. It’s somehow worse that it’s in Game of Thrones which is not only medieval in time period but also fantasy, so to see a coffee cup in the final series was so jarring.

The cup went mega viral and the show itself acknowledged it, eventually editing the cup out after the episode aired for future reruns.

The show also had a water bottle error, if you look by Samwell Tarly’s foot in the picture below you can see the side of it.

In another scene, you can see a laptop charger by the dying Stannis Baratheon’s leg.

The many, many Bridgerton errors

Even just in season three alone, there have been so many Bridgerton errors.

Penelope has acrylic fake nails on, for a start:


This just blew my mind because why was this my nail inspo for my nail appt??😭😭😭😭 #bridgertonseason3

♬ original sound – YT:Audi Laurent🌻


Loads of the female characters have false eyelashes on too. The Bridgerton girlies would have LOVED the Girls Aloud falsies range that every British girly wore for about a decade. It looks pretty clear in some photos of Francesca Bridgerton, played by Hannah Dodd, that she is wearing falsies. One person said: “Is no one else peeved by the fact that the females on Bridgerton had glam faces the whole time beat with highlight, contour and eyelashes??? Aggravating.”

One of the funniest ever though, is the fact the show forgot to edit out some parking lines on the road. Have to laugh.

The Downton Abbey water bottle

Via Downton Abbey

This one is literally making me laugh out loud because you’re telling me this promotional photo went through all the checks, got all the show’s branding slapped over it and no one noticed the honking plastic water bottle on the fireplace!?!? It’s not even slightly hidden! Open your eyes! Open the schools!

Pirates of the Caribbean cowboy hat

Jump to 13 seconds in this clip to see a time travelling cowboy who has somehow managed to find his way onto a pirate ship.

A gas canister in Gladiator

historical errors TV film

I get we’ve got a movie to make but I don’t think ancient chariots are meant to be powered by gas. Not the last time I used my ancient chariot, anyway.

The Ford Mondeo in Braveheart

historical errors TV film

Ahh yes, it’s circa the year 1280 and there’s a Ford Mondeo in the middle of the war zone. Lovely. One of the wildest and silliest errors in historical film and TV for SURE.

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