MAFS Australia to make ‘huge’ casting changes to be more like UK series as filming starts again

‘Producers are now under immense pressure to raise the bar on our version to keep the format fresh’

MAFS Australia is about to start filming for its next season, and it’s been reported the show is making huge changes to how it will cast people for the experiment, in a move to be more like the UK series.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, producers are “actively pursuing” transgender and gender-diverse participants to star in the Australian version of the show for the first time. This comes after Ella Morgan was the first transgender participant in the UK series last year.

It’s been reported casting has changed the lengthy application process for wannabe cast members, to include more about their sexual preferences and gender identity. It now contains an entire section dedicated to asking if applicants if they have ever been in a relationship with someone who identifies as transgender or non-binary, and if they would be open to being matched with someone who is.

MAFS Australia cast changes, Married at First Sight UK

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All applicants are also being asked about any same-sex experiences they’ve previously had, or if they would be open to having so on-camera – regardless of their sexual orientation.

A source close to the show told Yahoo Lifestyle: “Married At First Sight UK led the way last year by casting an openly trans bride, which caused huge discussion and discourse all around the world. Producers are now under immense pressure to raise the bar on our version to keep the format fresh.”

MAFS Australia expert Alessandra Rampolla has recently spoken out about the lack of diversity in the show, and said it’s because more diverse cast members don’t want to be part of the experiment.

She said: “I think that’s part of the reason why we haven’t had more representation of different sexual orientations and different sexual identities and whatnot on the show because we haven’t necessarily had those people raise their hand and say, ‘I want to be a part of this’.”

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