Young Sheldon fountain plot hole

This Young Sheldon water fountain plot hole has divided Reddit and I’m stressed

We need answers

With Young Sheldon finishing up forever this past week, there is so much discussion and reflection going on as fans look back over the last seven seasons and the journey the show’s taken us on. And with that reflection, naturally, comes the plot holes. Considering Young Sheldon is a prequel to the Sheldon we know in The Big Bang Theory, and The Big Bang Theory was made and started sewing the seeds of Sheldon way before a prequel was in the pipeline – it’s only natural the show has a few discrepancies between its lore. But there’s one little niggling plot hole from Young Sheldon that’s winding people right up on Reddit, and it’s all revolving around a silly little water fountain detail.

Um, why does Sheldon drink from a school water fountain?

It sounds stupid, I know. Not the kind of thing anyone should even think twice about. But Sheldon Cooper is a very special and unique character with his own crucial eccentricities. The plot hole around the Young Sheldon water fountain fiasco comes at the contrast between the fact that Sheldon refuses to hold hands with members of his own family, but slurps happily from a water fountain. Why would someone so conscious of germs be happy to do that!?

Well, as someone on Reddit pointed out, it’s actually not too weird when Sheldon has witnessed the dirty habits of his family firsthand. Although another plot hole revealed itself when a fan pointed out if Sheldon was as clever as he’s supposed to be he’d know disposable gloves were a better fit for dodging germs than his mittens.

Someone wisely said that maybe the plot hole can be explained by Sheldon just not seeing any unhygienic actions at a water fountain, but if he did he would avoid using them.

I love these petty debates!

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