Bridgerton hidden symbolism

Wait, this hidden symbolism you missed in Bridgerton foreshadows Colin and Pen’s whole story

I am emotional

Bridgerton season three part one has been out a full week now and even though we all binged the first four episodes in one sitting, I’m still reeling over it. So much so that any sort of Bridgerton hidden symbolism people have spotted is keeping me sane until part two is released.

And now someone has noticed some hidden symbolism with Penelope and Colin that was even teased in the TRAILER of the show. So basically we’re all blind or uneducated. @catquinn on TikTok posted a video sharing the symbolism, so here we go:

So you know that whole scene in the final ball in episode four when they have the dancers? Well, on the floor in that scene is a big painting of Eros and Psyche from Greek mythology. Why are Eros and Psyche significant? Well, Eros AKA Cupid is assigned to find Psyche a husband, sounds like Colin and Penelope right? Just wait.


What do Eros and Psyche mean to Colin and Penelope in Bridgerton season 3? The Ancient Greek mythology reveals a lot about their characters, including Colin trying to help Pen find a husband in season 3. Sounds like Cupid to me! Penelope also has long been associated with butterflies, which is Psyche’s symbol. And the story also explores themes of trust and mistrust it looks like we will see in bridgerton season 3 part 2 on june 13. Reposting this video from April 11 because my original videos sound was removed! #bridgertonseason3 #bridgerton #penelopefeatherington #colinbridgerton #polin #polination #polinator #nicolacoughlan #nicolacoughlanedit #lukenewton #lukenewtonedit #eros #psyche #butterfly #arthistory #erosandpsyche

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So, Eros accidentally shoots himself with an arrow and falls in love with Psyche, just as Colin is in love with Penelope! Psyche also has two sisters (Like Pen), and Venus (we know from Queen Charlotte that the Queen is associated with Venus) is incredibly jealous of Psyche, just like Queen Charlotte is jealous of Lady Whistledown.

But there’s more, Psyche is depicted through art with butterfly wings and who else is covered in butterflies throughout the show? Penelope!

Bridgerton hidden symbolism

Via Netflix

Then as well as having the big painting of Eros and Psyche on the floor, Cressida Cowper also calls Colin and Penelope Eros and Psyche when she’s trying to flirt with Lord Debling and in episode two Gregory gets a bow and arrow off Colin from his travels which he preceded to aim at Colin, just like cupid’s arrow!

I am obsessed with the minds of these people.

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