All seven seasons of Young Sheldon ranked, according to their rating on Rotten Tomatoes

Justice for season six!

With Young Sheldon coming to an end after seven seasons, it’s only natural that everyone’s got a favourite era of the acclaimed spinoff of The Big Bang Theory. The show has ran for a fair while now and taken us on a real journey as we watch the younger Sheldon who we know from the main series grow up beyond his years in Texas and each of the different seasons strikes a different vibes and explores a different era of coming of age. With the show taking a more serious dramatic tone in later seasons dividing some Young Sheldon fans, everyone’s got a different opinion on their fave. Here’s a rundown of all the Young Sheldon seasons ranked, according to their rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

7. Season six – 75 per cent

The lowest of all the ranked Young Sheldon seasons goes to the penultimate batch – series six drew the short straw. This series was actually a lot more focussed on the Georgie and Mandy relationship than it was on Sheldon himself, which perhaps put some people off. Focussing on Mandy’s pregnancy as Sheldon goes to college is a big shift for the show – but personally I think this tone is more interesting and Emily Osment joining the main cast is a blast. Underrated!

6. Season one – 76 per cent

Just coming in one per cent higher is the Young Sheldon season that started it all. A lot was riding on this one, of course – would Young Sheldon be a gimmicky flop, a pale imitation of its big brother megahit? The spinoff proved everyone wrong and whilst it ranks near the end here, it was a big success and establishes all the characters well for the future even if they’re more thinly developed than they become later in the show.

5. Season seven – 81 per cent

Season five was the first time Sheldon’s mum and dad’s marriage really showed signs of trouble, signalling a change in direction for the show and also introducing Mandy played by Emily Osment who has now gone on to become an iconic part of the show and got her own spin off. It’s definitely the most mature season at the point it came out, and Missy really comes into her own too as Sheldon navigates college.

3. Season four – 86 per cent

This was the real season where the show moved away from the full comedy and took in more emotional beats and it worked really successfully. Sheldon graduated! Young Sheldon really proved itself in series four that it was less of a casual watch than Big Bang and really hit the serious topics with the ground running.

2. Season three – 88 per cent

Young Sheldon seasons ranked

Series three of Young Sheldon was just a show absolutely in its prime. It just strikes the perfect balance across all fronts, and if I’m honest I’d have it up at the top spot of all the Young Sheldon seasons ranked if I was picking. I feel like it’s the law that great TV shows take until their third series to get truly great. It’s science.

1. Season two – 89 per cent

Young Sheldon seasons ranked

The highest of all the Young Sheldon seasons ranked via their Rotten Tomatoes score is series two! Season two fleshes out everything series one starts and introduces more iconic side characters to the mix, like Meemaw starting to date Dr Sturgis who brings so much to the show. The ensemble are just on top form here, and it’s easy to see why fans would crown it as the best.

Ranking done used by the user rating score for each season of Young Sheldon at time of publication.

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